Team Venom Begins Work On 4.4.3

Venom users rejoice! HTC has finally let us in on their 4.4.3/4.4.4 update plans and has announced that 4.4.3 will be the last update prior to the upgrade to Android L, unless they find any major issues that require their immediate attention.

You guys are probably wondering, what happened to the 4.4.4 update? Well HTC has gone ahead and merged the small 4.4.4 security updates into their 4.4.3 OTA, which was easier to accomplish than re-running the whole OTA engineering process. As of now the HTC One Developer Edition has already received the 4.4.3 OTA and the new version number is 6.17.1540.1.

4.4.3 update

The Unlocked editions of the HTC One M8 are also set to receive the 4.4.3 OTA by the end of this week, while the carrier versions of the HTC One M8 are also targeted for the end of this month (with the Sprint HTC One M8 already having received their OTA).

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What does this mean for Venom? Well we have already begun to work on the new HTC One M7 base and Venom’s update for 4.4.3 is in the works. As for the HTC One M8, we will begin working on it as soon as the OTA is launched by HTC.

We hope you are all excited about the updates and bugfixes to come because we sure are.

Other than that, same rule as always: no ETA questions.




  • Htc fanboy

    very good news, thanks guys !

  • mindofdisorder

    Great to hear! I’m so glad I switched to this ROM! I just really hope these guys can figure out a way to get the WiFi hotspot working correctly!

    • Cave Johnson, CEO

      WiFi hotspot works correctly for me on O2 UK

  • Scott Lantow

    Nyoiiiiice, very much appreciated for the update guys!

  • @Soothesthebeast

    can’t wait for the 4.4.3 update. Amazing ROM