Who Is Team Venom?? We’ll Tell You

You may be curious as to who all is behind the scenes making everything work; who’s spending countless hours making this ROM we all know and love function in all its buttery glory; who goes on and writes these goofy news stories; how the team even started. You might even wonder why we do what […]

$36,000,000 in Samsung Products Stolen in Brazil

Now, if  there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s a liar and a thief. Samsung has had the displeasure of dealing with the latter this past Monday.   Reports state that approximately 20 men armed with Sub-Machine Guns entered the São Paulo factory during the night shift and filled 7 trucks with the products (including smartphones, tablets, […]

HTC One M8 Prime (?) Rumored to be Released in Q4

HTC had already outdone themselves with the release of the One M8 earlier this year. There have been rumors of the HTC One M8 Prime being released as a more “upgraded” M8 experience sometime in the fourth quarter (October-December). Boasting some pretty beastly specs, this should be an interesting toy to play with. Leaked specs […]

4.4.4/Sense 6.0 Update Coming Soon!!

HTC Sense users, get hyped! HTC has been on their game lately with updates, and this 4.4.4 update is no different. Upon the release of KitKat, HTC came out with a rather daring game plan and said they promised to keep all their users on the bleeding edge, and updated to the latest version of android […]

The Nexus Experience

So, we’ve probably all heard about HTC’s successful deal with Google to make a new tablet. A true metal slate even. Don’t we just love to hear that. I am all itchy for that alleged 9-inch thing called a HTC Nexus. What i was wondering about: how will Team Venom’s stance be on that? After all, […]

The Prey for the Viper is in sight!!!

Time for the Viper Tamer/Programmer to reload their fangs with new Venom!!! Currently we bite with android 4.4.2 but 4.4.4 is hiding in the bushes just waiting to become the Prey of the Viper. Android 4.4.4 KitKat update As strange as it might sound, the company which was once infamous for abandoning its flagship devices, […]