The 6.0.x ROM is based on HTC 10 Sense 8 Android 6.0.x base and requires you to update your firmware to at least the 6.0.x (Marshmallow) version! If you don’t you will run into some issues such as Wi-Fi not working or No Boot, etc. 
We cannot install the firmware for you during ROM installation so you will need to take the steps to update the firmware on your own.

Note: Current ROM: ViperOneM8_6.0.0 is compatible with ALL carriers, click “info” below to see information regarding the ROM, carrier support, and issues.


Info about M8 ROM (6.x.x and up):

This rom is a complete HTC 10 port. All features are from Viper10 with minimum modifications.
Since the rom is so close to the 10, we used HTC 10 carrier fixes in this version. AT&T don’t sell carrier branded HTC 10, so it is difficult for us to add AT&T support. Unfortunately T-Mobile fixes for HTC 10 do not work on the M8, so for these two carriers, we provided “US Unlocked” option. All essential functions are working (MMS, SMS, cellular data, calls…)

If you come from a native M8 Sense 7/ Android 6.0.x ROM, custom or not, you need to perform a full wipe prior to flashing ViperOneM8. The ROM is stable and currently works on all M8’s with at least 6.xx firmware, including the US carriers.

For the latest ROM, 6.xx firmware is required. HTC has released Marshmallow updates for the large majority of devices, most CID/ModelID . If HTC has released the Marshmallow updates for your CID/ModelID and you’re S-On you can return your device to stock and take the OTA’s, or you can flash the latest compatible RUU.  If you are S-Off there are a few other options you can take to update firmware, which you can see all around XDA (firmware only updates etc.).  Please be careful flashing firmware and ensure that it is compatible.  If you have a WWE device you may use the WWE 6.12.401.4 RUU/firmware, this is what is recommended. Please be aware that you will need to be S-OFF if your phone is not a WWE phone!
Attention: CDMA devices cannot ever use any GSM RUU! Do not attempt to flash the RUU above on Sprint or Verizon phones! Never!

Below you see what carriers are supported and the known issues with ViperOneM8_6.0.0.

GSM/WWE: Fully supported

TmoUS, ATT: Without carrier specific features (VOLTE, WiFi Calling etc.). Users please choose “US Unlocked” in aroma

VZW: Fully supported

Sprint: Fully supported


ViperOneM8 6.1.0 

MD5: 7e73c9bc8531b0bd2faf33055217c451
Main Link AFH
Mirror 1 (German) Germany


Previous roms


Incremental updates (OTA’s):

4.6.0 -> 4.6.1 Download
4.5.0 -> 4.6.0 Download
4.2.0 -> 4.3.0 Download
 4.1.0 -> 4.2.0 Download
 4.0.0 -> 4.1.0 Download


Previous OTAs

onclick = “if (! confirm(‘I have read the \’1.4x.401.x Firmware Requirements\’ above the download links and I\’m aware that I will encounter reboots after turning off the screen if I didn\’t read and follow those instructions.’)) { return false; }”