HTC Ocean Fundraising

If you want to give us in return for the hours spent on the roms and the support we give on xda and irc, then help us getting the new flagships for our developers, so we can work on bringing ViperOcean to your devices. I myself , I didn’t think that I need to say that once, are even tight on money this year. Things have changed with having an own home, kid and an own family now.

Venom is now around for about 6 years and we supported all flagships since the Evo3D/Sensation till the HTC10.

Again another year is over and a new flagship is around the corner. The current flagship aka HTC10 was and still is  a great device, in my opinion the best HTC Ever made. Unfortunately it got totally underrated. Maybe the result of the catastrophic previous flagship, the HTC One M9, that failed in many points.

Since the HTC One our user base decreased drastically. If we have a look at the download counts 5 years ago on the HTC One and now on the HTC10 it is really a sad development. Sure you also need to see, that Android and HTC Sense improved during the years and more and more people stay on stock and are not in the need to root and flash a custom rom. Still there is a connection between the download counts and how successful a HTC device is.

So on the HTC One we got currently over 100.000 downloads and on the HTC10 we come not even close to the 10.000, even the HTC One M9 has over 12k downloads for a rom that got released two years ago.

Let’s hope that things will get better on the HTC Ocean that really looks promising:



Attention to Marshmallow Venom Users – Playstore Lockscreen Update can softbrick your phone.

EDIT: Seems HTC pulled the update


The latest lockscreen update on the playstore causes a softbrick when installed on a venom rom running marshmallow.
This will happen if you have the sync toggles enabled, for whatever reason after the update the system claims that the READ_SYNC_SETTINGS permission for SystemUI is missing and causes the force close.

So before updating, remove the sync toggles before and don’t add them back.
If you alread updated and are locked out of your phone you can run following command in adb shell – Do that while booted into the OS!

If reflashing the fullrom does not work

adb shell settings put system tweaks_hquicksettings Tweaks

…now when you resetup your toggles, don’t add the sync toggles back!

Or flash the appropiate zip for your device:

If filename contains the compatible version. If your rom version is not available, write me a pm on xda


Or another way would be to go to twrp->advanced->file manager

navigate to /data/app/ and delete the folder do the same in /data/data
boot up, then go back to recovery and flash the fullrom on top.


If you are on the M9 or HTC 10…it is recommended to just update to the nougat version.


Nougat version of ViperM9 released

It took a while, but it’s finally here. Head over to the xda thread to grab it!

It contains all fixes and especially additions that were made on Viper10.
Also magisk and phh su to pass safety net is incorporated into the installer.

HTC 10 review, poll and giveaway

Hi everybody!

It’s a sunny Sunday evening here, the new week is about to begin and the past week about to close. Big week for me, us at Team Venom as a whole and all those Android FanGirls/Boys. The Hashtag #PowerOf10  (HTC 10) has certainly dominated the minds of quite a few people besides the political satire going on in Germany and the melting polar caps and whatnot. So, I am finishing my day with the things that sum up my week best and share those with you:

First things first, the big “Gimme Gimme”  – go HERE to enter a giveaway for the HTC 10  The give-away is from (this is a clean link for those not wanting me getting entries). Or click HERE if you want to help me collect some entries (cheaper than donating to my HTC 10 anyway :p). There’s a really nice review video where you can have a very good look at the actual phone in that link too. (the actual reason I am sharing it besides the givcaway). It has indeed helped me get a good visual impression of a phone I am intending to buy which I wasn’t yet able to check out myself. Enjoy.

There also is a nice little poll on Androidpolice.comLG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. HTC 10 – make sure to head over and bomb that place with your HTC 10 votes 😉 little reminder: have you actually seen our little Google Doc survey on the HTC 10 and Viper? Please do fill it out. Thanks!

Last but not least, I thought I share this Camera shootout has done on the HTC 10 vs. SGS7 vs. Nexus 6P vs. LG G5 – there are two, one for daytime conditions and one for nighttime conditions. Pretty neat comparison images. Thanks for the work I’d say. I liked both very much, particularly because those show how the HTC 10 is catching up with the competition this year – a main point of criticism the past 3 years at least.

Daylight Shootout Nighttime shootout

Have a fantastic new week!


Here is another very nice piece by @Verge: Modern phone with familiar design

Happy Kiwiday Mike aka Basil3

One of our most faitful and loyal teammate has his B IR  TH DA Y today!

We wish him all the best!

Marshmallow Sense 7 ROM released for HTC One M8 – stable

So, after much back-and-forth, it’s finally done. ViperOneM8 has a custom Marshmallow base now. A marshmallow snake is about to bite!

Go check out the download page. ViperOneM8_5.0.0 (anything before 5.0.0 is not Marshmallow!) is what you are looking for.


  • 6.xx based firmware recommended. 6.12.1540.4 US Developer Edition and 6.14.707.1 Asia-TW (no direct RUU link but you could run this and then get official OTA). If you want these firmwares, your phone needs to be GSM, S-OFF.
  • 4.xx Lollipop-firmwares (for example 4.16.401.13) apparently work too, according to Artur’s tests  – however, we have had quite a few issues with older firmwares on the M9 and it will be a very good idea if you actually do the update on the M8  too, just to avoid potential problems. We were not able to observe long-term effects (wakelocks, drain, etc) yet, so, better safe than sorry.

Thank Artur from XDA for this fantastic port job! The Release-Post is here on XDA.


  • No carrier support. We might be adding Sprint, VZW, TMUS, ATT once they receive their own Marshmallow updates. Until then, please have patience, my young padawans! Trying to flash the ROM on those can lead to a device unable to boot further than bootloader or recovery!
  • Firmware: most GSM phones can try to work with HTC’s Developer Edition firmware. It works well for most international users too. This requires S-OFF first. CDMA (Sprint and Verizon in the US) can absolutely NOT flash the Developer Edition firmware, not even with S-OFF! This would possibly break your phone so you have to send it in! Be warned!


[EDIT Notes]
  • Had to re-word a few things to try and make things clearer.

ViperOneM9 4.0.0 BETA is here for you!


About the rom:
This is a BETA Version. If you don’t know what a BETA Version is, then please don’t flash the rom.

Reporting bugs:
If you find bugs, things that are not working: We are aware of it and will fix them as soon as we can.
Please don’t report bugs in the xda thread, irc and especially don’t create tickets.
We hadn’t time to finish beta testing, but we decided to give you an early xmas present.
Please be grateful, we don’t want to see any complains – If we do, we just take the rom down again.

What carriers are supported:

For now just international, no Sprint, Verizon, TmoUS or AT&T Support.
For TmoUS and AT&T: Just choose “Default” at the carrier selection.

New firmware required:

You need to flash the new Android M firmware. It’s linked below the rom download on
Therefore you need S-oFF and most of you SuperCID

Does dirty flashing on top of ViperOneM9 3.5.0 work?:

It will work, I did it too. BUT your system will lag here and there and you will experience FC’s. We suggest that you do a clean install.

Enjoy and have fun!

Marshmallow progress: Beta Testing started – New VenomHUB Backend and downtimes.

We released a first Beta to our testers. So yeah, we got a first build nearly ready. Sure there are some bugs left that need to be fixed before its stable.

Hope that I will be able to finish porting one last file today or tomorrow. Still with bugfixing and testing there is still a lot to do.

Just wanted to keep you up 2 date.

We probably will release an Open Beta asap..since it’s xmas soon and my little takes a lot of time, we probably won’t be able to have a 100% stable release ready this year.

We are talking about the M9 here. The M8 will follow as soon we have a stable M9 rom.

M7 is EOL and won’t receive any MM love…at least not in the near future.


With the MM release we will introduce new VenomHUB features. That includes a VenomHUB access via browser.

You will be able to add own contributions, manage your devices, account details etc.

Since we need to migrate our old database to a new one, there will be some downtimes of VenomHub the next days.

Latest Sense Home ported – Available in VenomHUB

Have fun…only change I see is an ugly indicator in the appdrawer 😀

If you updated it from playstore before, please go to Playstore->My Apps->Sense Home and uninstall it. Else flashing this update won’t have any effect.
All known venom homescreen tweaks got ported and are working on the new update.