Black Venom Deal, all Pro Keys 50% off in VenomHUB =D

For the ones that still don’t know. It does not matter which pro key you choose to buy. All just remove the 3 seconds nag screen when you start VenomTweaks. It does not unlock any features or anything else. Also keep in mind that PayPal takes 40 Cents + 1.9% fees 🙁

ViperU 1.0.0 is here for you!

  That didn’t take long, right? (-: –  Head over to xda-developers and join us in our thread.    

Awwww <3

  That is looking awesome, right? 😀   Help us getting the last device for m0narx.    

Thanks! Three devices preorderd – ViperU is coming!

Thanks to all donators that helped us getting some money together. We splitted the money under three devs ( @topjohnwu @ivicask and me ) and added some own for our preorders. The last dev that would need one would be our russian hacker m0narx. We will get his device a bit later, since he will be busy […]

So what do you think about the HTC U 11 now and what is your favourite color?

Help us getting HTC U 11 devices for all our devs.   Watch the whole presentation here:

HTC U 11 specs leaked – Your thoughts?

Source What are your thoughts? Are you gonna get it? Let us know in the comments.   BTW: We have nearly 2 devices funded. Goal would be 3 or 4, help us to bring you our rom to the HTC U 11 a soon as possible.