Will you get the M10?

Multiple Images Leak Of The Unannounced ‘HTC 10’ HTC One M10 Fundraising
Are you gonna get HTC next flagship aka M10


  • Cave Johnson, CEO

    The new HTC M10 is ugly. It looks/feels like a Samsung. If I wanted a Samsung device, I’d get a Samsung device. The M8 & M9 are perfect. This is awful

  • The lack of Boomsound really kind of kills it for me. Think I’ll wait to see the rumored HTC Nexus device.

  • Dirtrider129

    I’d have to agree it is not the slickest looking device, getting rid of boomsound is bad idea, it’s a M series trademark, plus it sounds freaking awesome. Still gonna hold out judgement for a hands on. Probably get the 9 since I’m still on the m7. Still works great, just slowing down.

  • Subx

    Nope! And I am a massive fan of HTC and have been waiting since the M8 for something new. This is not it. No BoomSound, no sale!

    • Ryan

      Exactly my initial thoughts. Was hoping to get a 2nd Gen 64bit phone, with hopes worked the kinks out.

      The M8 is still my favorite device, largely in part thanks to the awesome work of the developers!

  • Mark Hulka

    I have been in the user trials for HTC since the m9, and I miss the A9 as a daily driver. sound sucks in a noisy room but really like finger print and performance was great but still love boom sound and m9 kicked ass. It’s just a waiting game until ups drops the next device on my door step. 😊

  • depends on specs , just per the looks i might skip
    – samsung feel
    – audio jack on top , bad
    – hard menu button ,bad
    -brick look ..

    M8 i still think beats them all in looks and feel .. i wouldnt mind they bring the same shape with better hardware specs

  • blitz4075

    I will not get the m10. I will be waiting for the HTC Nexus.

  • Hard to say, though the lack of front facing boomsound speakers are kind of a deal breaker to me.