ViperS7 is coming to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge



Since the last M10 leaks didn’t sound that promising we decided to leave the sinking HTC ship and jump over to Samsung.

It was really a great time with HTC, but it’s really time for a change.

At this point we also want to say thanks to all our faithful followers that supported us the last few years. Especially to all recent donators of the M10 fundraising – the money will will obviously be used for some S7 Edge devices now. Since all main developers move to the S7 Edge now, all HTC roms will gradually get discontinued.


But now the good news:

ViperS7 is far from being ready, but it can be used as daily for sure. For all that gonna move to the S7 Edge as well, visit us on our S7 Edge xda thread.

Link to xda Thread

  • RG

    If the Snapdragon version eventually becomes unlock/rootable, will the ROM be supported for that version?

  • Mahmood Ali

    This is best ROM ever. I was using htc devices in the past few years (sensation, one x, one and m8) and all of them were running viperROM. probably S7 & S7 edge users will be more than htc 10 or whatever they will name it. I really wish to see this ROM on my S7 edge.

  • alwinwh

    Almost bought the S7 Edge all right. Really shocked there. I was leaning towards the S7 anw, although they sell the Exynos variant here. Great job venomroms.

  • LiverpoolsNo9

    nice 😉

  • MisterDazzzle

    Aprils fools

  • T3R0

    Oh please no! I think htc 10 is very promising and I love both htc and venom. Tell me this is a joke! (Cry)

    • follow the xda link and you will know.

      • T3R0

        Yeah, I just found out right after I posted the comment and I felt stupid. 😛

  • hamydansari

    Seriously!!! If this is not a April Fool I am going to Love it… Finally i moved away from HTC after 9 Years. Got Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge this weekend and started missing VenomRom and today i read this!!!

    • Follow the xda link and you will know.

      • Skale

        Same here. After 7 years moved from HTC to S7 edge. Nice hardware, but missing HTC Sense.

  • Swb

    I can’t believe I fell for that lol! I was about to cry.. like.. NOOOOO!!!

  • Brigi R.A.

    Happy to know we will have venom for a long time… The 10 is near!