ViperOneM9 4.0.0 BETA is here for you!


About the rom:
This is a BETA Version. If you don’t know what a BETA Version is, then please don’t flash the rom.

Reporting bugs:
If you find bugs, things that are not working: We are aware of it and will fix them as soon as we can.
Please don’t report bugs in the xda thread, irc and especially don’t create tickets.
We hadn’t time to finish beta testing, but we decided to give you an early xmas present.
Please be grateful, we don’t want to see any complains – If we do, we just take the rom down again.

What carriers are supported:

For now just international, no Sprint, Verizon, TmoUS or AT&T Support.
For TmoUS and AT&T: Just choose “Default” at the carrier selection.

New firmware required:

You need to flash the new Android M firmware. It’s linked below the rom download on
Therefore you need S-oFF and most of you SuperCID

Does dirty flashing on top of ViperOneM9 3.5.0 work?:

It will work, I did it too. BUT your system will lag here and there and you will experience FC’s. We suggest that you do a clean install.

Enjoy and have fun!

  • HussainQ

    Thank you TeamVenom for the wonderful gift! I would also like to thank you for all the development you have done for our devices over the years, and I wish you all a happy holiday. 😀

  • peter

    please i want to detach my device venom account from previous owner i just bout second hand m8