• Vladimir Jz

    WOW! good news for the m8 users, have international support?, thanks for your work from the other side of the river , MX

  • Petar Jurjevic

    Is there a way to add 4th button to the nav bar (i used to have screen off – back – home- recent) ?
    thank you !

  • м ч × Φ м α † ● s ı s

    Would it be possible to get the ‘old’ camera app (v7.50.667499) in any way?.. I can’t stand the new one

  • Elxan

    I have HTC One (m7) and i want to download it for my phone. Is it compatible this model (m7)? Or when will release this ROM with 6.0.1 for m7?

    • Szilágyi Tamás

      This release not working for your m7. This is an m8 Rom. The m7 roms in venom team, is not supported yet. This is the reason, why I changed down my m7. 🙁

  • Davey Van keulen

    wifi is not working anymore?

  • Szilágyi Tamás

    Is this working with my m8 dual sim? I usually use with one SIM card.
    If not, how can I use my phone, with this Rom? On my m7, was awesome this viper Rom. 🙂 I would like to continue on m8. Thank’s forward.

  • DeJaVu


    I have the Rom on my HTC One m8 made.
    However, he plays only 1,2,3 songs after that stops the music but continues.

    Why is this so what can I do?