Viper10 Beta Testing started two days ago…

There is still some stuff to do before we can go public though…think I got my first grey hairs.

  • RG

    Good to hear! Can’t wait to receive my 10.

  • zeke baker

    Yes! Another device the only existing rom defeats. Let sunshine and viper bring light to your device 😀 lol. Great job team.

  • Udzi

    Wow, that was fast! I got my 10 few days ago and its missing a bite 😉

  • James Shaw

    cant wait

  • Masterscatter

    So just curious as to when you think Viper10 will be close? I am hoping to get my 10 on friday when sprint launches their version. Also hope its not jammed with crap from sprint. They always seem to botch things up. Biggest thing I use is hot spot function but sprint wants you to pay extra for this feature, as in your rom its accessable without that additional cost. I’m already paying 250 a month for 4 phones.

  • T3R0

    WOW this is seriously fast! Did HTC released their kernel source?

  • Нодирхон Ишанханов

    this rom for htc one m10 or htc one m7 ???

    • Masterscatter

      htc 10 (VIper10) usually gives you the hint. lol

  • Jon P Duncan

    Jan – which device variant is this being built/tested for? Will this rom require S-OFF, WWE firmware, etc?

    • developed on int version…build/tested for int, vzw, sprint. S-off is not required no. Just when you are on a verizon device since HTC Unlock doesnt work.

      • Jon P Duncan

        Thanks, very kindly, for your efforts and for your prompt response! 😀

  • Jon P Duncan

    HTC 10 is listed in the Devices drop down, but the links appear to be pending with one pointing to generic home page and the other pointing to M9 4.3.0. I can’t wait to try this on my 10 once the ROM is available!!! 😀

  • Marcelo Aramayo Camacho

    Please do not forget to put the application for the FMradio. Old gallerie, and kill app(back button)

  • sacreddevil666

    okay there is a htc 10 device download page and a active link through mirror and it simply downloads a rom for m9 or linked to a m9 download and afh is linked to details about afh 😀

    • Jon P Duncan

      Yes, I had commented on this a few days ago. I should have checked their twitter feed first as they already posted the rom would be out ‘by/around the weekend’. 😀

  • Balha

    Noch nie habe ich auf die Viper so gewartet wie dieses Mal mit meinem HTC 10.
    Die beste Freude ist und bleibt die Vorfreude 🙂