So what do you think about the HTC U 11 now and what is your favourite color?

Help us getting HTC U 11 devices for all our devs.


Watch the whole presentation here:

  • NaveTVG

    I dunno man. On one hand, HTC built an undeniably gorgeous phone, but on the other, it seems they did so at the sacrifice of function: smaller battery, no headphone jack, and still no amoled. It’s getting harder and harder to justify buying HTC phones with each passing year.

    • HTC10 has also a 3000mah, s8 too. new snapdragon is more battery efficient, so is htcs firmware. Battery life on the HTCU11 should improve compared to the last gen of flagships. What happens with bigger batteries you saw with the Note 7. Think 3000mah nowadays is absolutely fine. Unlike other manufactures HTC includes a adapter for your headphone jack. Personally I use bluetooth earphones though

  • Krystalmyth

    Yeah, I’m not buying HTC this year. U11 is a dud. Pretty universally panned atm. Not interested in Sense edge at all. I like solid, industrial design with elegant accent. The G6 and well, the HTC 10 come to mind. No headphone jack, literally just so bone headed of then I find it insulting. With word that even Apple may be returning to the jack this year, HTC is the slow kid who jumped in the pool even though everyone stopped on the way. Couple this with a smaller battery, features nobody asked for, while flat out ignoring features we did ask for, such as stereo speakers, something even Apple is doing now… I mean, I didn’t go with HTC to see Apple seem reasonable in comparison. Stack it next to the S8 and what will undoubtedly be an amazing showing by LG later in the year with the V30 and I just can’t see myself supporting HTC this year, and who knows if they have another with leadership like this. You snub your diehard fans. You ignore the public. You charge a premium when nobody trusts your brand, and everything you were good at (audio, build, choice) you abandoned. I sincerely hope you guys are looking at alternatives… The 10 was a great phone. A worthy phone and it barely made a dent in downloads compared to years past. The U11 isn’t what I’d call the must buy of the year… You guys deserve to have your work validated and enjoyed properly by the Android community.

    • Yahya Rahman

      100% agree with you


      I feel this way when the HTC10 came out, I never appreciated the design until I’ve seen it physically, multiple sources agree that camera or videos won’t do this device justice when it comes to industrial design, but if you love the sound on the 10 then you will love u11 coz its more dynamic and louder

  • 8BitBang

    The level of customization viper and leedroid offers are the reasons I enjoy HTC devices. Preordered that solar red US Unlocked

  • Nikhil Soni

    Please add volte mod in dual sim carrier