We are devoted team of developers, themers and beta testers who provide insanely customizable ROMs based on original HTC Sense frameworks.
Our philosophy is to create highly customizable, feature rich ROMs for HTC Sense devices, ROMs over which our users have complete control.
We appreciate that every user wants something different from their device so we don’t simply hard code our customizations into the ROMs, but rather give users the option to choose themselves what tweaks they want to use.
The aim of our ROMs is to enhance our users experience on their HTC devices by allowing them the choice. Basically you could install ViperOne and have a 100% stock rom if you would like to.

The effort, time and passion we put into developing, theming, and testing is done in our free time.
Several thousands of hours have already been invested in the current lineup of Venom ROMs and several thousand more will follow as we continue to make our ROMs even better.
We will always provide our ROMs fully featured completely for free.

Some won’t get it, but we all have lives outside Venom. We are regular people, husbands, fathers, students, working or studying, and with the need to take care of partners, children, family and life in general.
So please respect that, before you complain about missing updates, unanswered questions, bugs or feature requests.