Thanks! Three devices preorderd – ViperU is coming!

Thanks to all donators that helped us getting some money together. We splitted the money under three devs ( @topjohnwu @ivicask and me ) and added some own for our preorders.

The last dev that would need one would be our russian hacker m0narx. We will get his device a bit later, since he will be busy with private life for  a bit, since his wife will give birth to their first son.

Team Venoms feature is defintily saved now :p


Help us getting the last device for m0narx.


The work for ViperU started about two weeks ago and it seems you will be able to install ViperU pretty early after the release date if no unforseen complications will show up.

  • Kamil Klecha

    j to the 4n, How do you think, Will you be able to develop Rom for U11 in one week after getting it? I don’t know if should I buy my one in preorder 🙂
    Thank you for answering

    • ivicask

      We are already working on rom for some time, well, all that we can without actual device in our hands 🙂

      • Kamil Klecha

        Thank you for info 🙂