[POLL] What do you think about the M10?

So the #powerof10 got revealed. For the people that missed it, you can find info about the launch here:




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  • Het She

    S652 and S820 versions?

    • RG

      They’ll probably only build for the 820, since only India is getting the 652.

      • Het She

        in Russia

  • It looks extremely promising so far, I really like its design. I’ll be waiting for proper reviews, then I’ll likely pick it up once I can afford it, depending on whether the camera and the speakers live up to my expectations. But so far I love it – especially the black version, which genuinely surprised me to be honest.

    Edit: I donated either way, you guys have made my HTC phones so much better and continue to do just that. Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Cave Johnson, CEO

    Personally, I love the design of the M10. I do find the lack of BoomSound speakers to be a negative though. I will have to play with it hands on before I make a final verdict. It looks a little iPhone-esque for me…but we’ll see how that plays out. The camera looks promising, as does battery life. If I get it, I’ll do what I did with my M8 and M9, Venomize it on day 1!

  • fnut6969

    It looks very promising to me, my toughest decision is whether to get (unlocked of course) the silver or black version.

  • Brakiss

    Sad there is no IR, that was my favorite feature.

  • Chad

    What Brakiss said. Unless somehow the new speaker/s is an improvement I dont think I will make the jump. I can not imagine the new set up is a step in the right direction. I will hole off for a while to see if they drop a front facing speaker version. I do not care about the home button or finger print scanner.

  • darkpath

    I wish I could help develop with you guys 🙂 , but unfortunately I lack the knowledge. I’ve seen where some comments from sneaky and jcase have been made, but I won’t be able to join. I’m excited to see what will become of this beast….. new innovated boomsound, battery, design like the m7, and if soff is as soon as expected. It’s gonna be a bad mother f@#$%we when you get your hands on it. All hail Team Venom! You know HTC couldn’t do it without you guys. Just one question…… you think the new quad core will be a good match against the last octa core? Thanks team, rock it again

  • Nick

    Severely disappointed in the removal of the IR blaster and the FM radio. Along with the forward facing speakers, those were my favorite features of the One series phones, particularly the FM. I’ll still be donating for the 10 in honor of the glorious work you’ve done for the One series, but I don’t think I’ll be getting one. I can live without the IR blaster and speakers, but I’ve gotta have a phone with FM. Streaming just doesn’t cut it, drains too much battery and requires data, which isn’t always available.

    • Scott Lantow

      buy little radio, problem solved? and you have the dope new htc? IR and front dual speakers are a rough one to get over for me too, I hear ya

  • Nick

    Skipped the m9 and so glad. Will definitely get the 10 to upgrade from my m8 . I understand your pain with the IR sensor used to use it all the time, sadly I moved on to a Harmony One setup that fulfills every one of my needs in multiple rooms. People still use FM Radio? HAHA sorry it has been at least 3 years since I have used a real radio even in my car…In today’s world who would want to still listen to ads!?!

  • Sneakyghost