[POLL] How shall the next Viper Rom be called?

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  • Mimo

    as the HTC presented the official name as HTC U 11 i change my vote to ViperU11

  • Marc Hagopian

    Viper McViper Face

  • Krepler

    Viper Touch (+branding)

    With the move to the Sense Touch UI..

  • Yahya Rahman

    Can you make a nougat or marshmallow ROM for the HTC One M7 pleaseeeeeee??? It probably makes sense to save youselves of extra work and just make a nougat one.

    • No base from htc = no way for us to provide a rom.
      Time to move on, htc one m7 is 4 years old.

      • Yahya Rahman

        How do other developers make nougat ROMs for the HTC One, isn’t it possible​to basically make the ROM you made for the HTC 10 available for the M7?

        • those are based on AOSP and not HTC Sense. And no it isn’t that easy.

          • Yahya Rahman

            Okay thanks anyway. It’s fair to say that the HTC One M7 is to old to develop on anyway. I think you should try making a ROM for a different phone like the OnePlus 3T or Samsung Galaxy S8 and see how it turns out (if it isn’t TOO time-consuming).

  • c m

    “V11” or “V-11”

    I know it steps on LGs phone, but I actually kind of like that it does. Would likely get you more search results also. More users who accidentally discover the rom while doing phone research. BTW I like V11 even if it didn’t step on the LG device name.

    And just all the devs know, THANK YOU SO MUCH for making Android and HTC phones awesome! Seriously, I have been using your roms for years, and as long as you all keep working on them, I will never leave teamVENOM!

  • Jon Jak

    Viper11 or ViperU11 are the only solutions. ViperU isnt good because it can be used for the U Play or U Ultra…

  • bony bon

    I installed a new rom in my e8 but my sim card is not working. What i should do?

  • Kishor

    please make for asus zenfone 2 laser ze550kl (z00L)