Let’s have some marshmallows

We started a few days ago already. Lots of work ahead! Everyone that asks for ETA’s won’t get a visit from Santa.

|-|4|D|D`/ |3!|27|-||)4`/

And another that is a result of the spring hormons of his parents. It’s our venomroms Admin Congrats, have a good one! (-:  

Happy Birthday Ben!

  Team Venom wishes you all the best!

HTC Sense Home Update – About ads – what do you mean? And why there is no changelog?

On the 28th October HTC pushed a new update for Sense Home to the playstore. That most of the times means that some people in our threads panic and want that update, merged with our Mods we add. I placed several rants on xda already, when that happens. Because most of the times, those people […]

Who actually still knows IRC?

#venomroms @irc.freenode.net I 5p34k 1337