[POLL] HTC Ocean. Do you look forward to it?

..also let us know in the comments what you like, dislike about the HTC Ocean.       Image Source: Evan Blass

HTC Ocean Fund: One device payed already

We received about 20 donations so far, thanks to all donators and the nice messages they left via paypal, really greatly appreciated – You are awesome! Development on the HTC10 was really great, in my opinion the best on all devices we supported so far. One reason for that was, that all of our active […]

April fools, status on HTC Ocean Fund

Amazing how gullible some people are 😛 – No I won’t leave…yet. My time will come, but not this year 😀 Thanks for all the kind words anyway though, lol. The HTC Ocean Fund is live for nearly 72 hours now and we got already about 750USD, thanks to all that donated so far. Also an […]

It was a nice time, thanks to all of you that used the roms I developed on.

I’ll make it short: I’ll leave Venom in the next days. I just need to clean up some source code for my other team members, so they can take over on my stuff that I worked on. Job, family and Venom was just too much the last years, especially since my son was born. Mike […]

HTC Ocean Fundraising

If you want to give us in return for the hours spent on the roms and the support we give on xda and irc, then help us getting the new flagships for our developers, so we can work on bringing ViperOcean to your devices. I myself , I didn’t think that I need to say that once, are […]

Attention to Marshmallow Venom Users – Playstore Lockscreen Update can softbrick your phone.

EDIT: Seems HTC pulled the update   The latest lockscreen update on the playstore causes a softbrick when installed on a venom rom running marshmallow. This will happen if you have the sync toggles enabled, for whatever reason after the update the system claims that the READ_SYNC_SETTINGS permission for SystemUI is missing and causes the force […]