Android Audio - Team Venom

Android Audio – Fundamentals and Beyond

My hope is that with this brief primer, you will gain some valuable experience points towards leveling your Android nerd powers . All joking aside, some basic knowledge coupled with an existing love for music (who doesn’t?) may likely start you on a path to genuinely experiencing and enjoying music in a way you never thought […]

Recovering Data After A “Wipe” …

…is more than just a myth. But read:   I am sure you have had your fair share of yesterdays news about that certain company (Avast) pulling off some advertising stunt describing how it recovered tons of data from auctioned phones which had been factory reset (had a “wipe”)  before. Read about it here: Avast’s stunt on […]

Team Venom: Your friendly neighborhood Viper…

… or why Team Venom runs this site Here at, Team Venom can discuss stuff we couldn’t easily over at XDA. We are aiming for a quite transparent “brand” image and we try to be in touch with Venom users as much as we can. And of course, we want you to remember Team Venom with a warm, […]

HTC Music

Android Audio – A Guide to Music Apps and More

My HTC One [powered by Team Venom fueled with pwnsauce] spoils me rotten. I am eternally connected to the digital world all day, night, every day, where – simply an exhausting list of EVERYTHING. Thankfully, you and I (by association and being on this site) are blissful nerds, so if the fabric of our lives […]

Who Is Team Venom?? We’ll Tell You

You may be curious as to who all is behind the scenes making everything work; who’s spending countless hours making this ROM we all know and love function in all its buttery glory; who goes on and writes these goofy news stories; how the team even started. You might even wonder why we do what […]

$36,000,000 in Samsung Products Stolen in Brazil

Now, if  there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s a liar and a thief. Samsung has had the displeasure of dealing with the latter this past Monday.   Reports state that approximately 20 men armed with Sub-Machine Guns entered the São Paulo factory during the night shift and filled 7 trucks with the products (including smartphones, tablets, […]