[HTCOneM8] ViperOneM8_3.0.0 Requirements

First things first: the new 3.0 ROM will NOT boot in combination 2.xx Firmware. You will need 3.xx firmware. This means, no carrier or model will be able to run ViperOneM8_3.0.0 until they have received their 4.4.4 official HTC OTA.  The ROM is not available yet – this post is preparing the upcoming release! So, let’s get to it. Like […]

Tell us something about you!

With our new venomroms website we tried and still trying to tell you more about us. We setup all devs, themers and other important people with little profiles here: Developers Themers Admins Newswriters Have a general section describing the Team and its philosophy and told you something about the history of Team Venom, how all started and what people […]

Design Contest Winner Announced!

On August the 14th we announced the start of the Design Contest. We appealed to the community to create a new design for Team Venom. The end of the contest was the 31st of August. The first submissions took a while, in the first week there was just one submission and we weren’t very confident that we would get […]


ViperOne 7.0.0 Release – HTC One M7 Get’s 4.4.3 Update Early (You’re Welcome)

The wait is finally over!!! You guys have been asking for an updated release for a while now, and well…. the time has come. Consider it an early gift ;). ViperOne 7.0.0 is here for your tinkering hearts to enjoy. In case you haven’t seen it yet, we have the change log here: ViperOne 7.0.0 (August […]

CONTEST TIME!!!! – Logo Redesign

We are in need of a new logo, so we want you to get involved; this means time for a contest!! Our old logo has to go, it’s too old and it’s time for a complete OVERHAUL. We decided, why not let the community pitch in? We know you don’t all develop, and if you’re […]

Firmware and the new Android 4.4.3

This is about the firmware problem with the 4.4.3 Base change. We have seen a fair few confused requests, reports, tickets and a public response is needed, although Team Venom does not usually deal with firmware issues. To update your firmware, basically, you do have two basic strategies available: #1 Go back to complete stock, grab HTC’s OTA, come […]