If you need any help please create a ticket here and one of our staff will reply to you at the earliest time.


  • No ETA/Update questions
  • Please write in english
  • Don’t be rude
  • Do not abuse the ticket system

-> If the ticket won’t follow above rules, it’ll be closed and left unanswered.


  • Provide as much info as possible
  • Searched your problem on xda/google already?
  • Checked out the User Guide?
  • If your ticket is regarding accessing the Venom Hub, or detaching a previous account, please provide the last 6 digits of your IMEI in your ticket to speed up the process of assisting you.

-> Following the guidelines helps both you and us to find a solution for your problem as fast as possible.



If you got issues with wifi on the m8, it’s because you didn’t update your firmware. So go back to the download links and read the text above them!