Multitasking… Unleash the Viper

Everybody likes multitasking, on PC, at work and on the go on the Phone. True, there are some devices with good Multitasking abilities but the devices are big and bulky. With the HTC One M8 was that not possable…… Til now!!!

The out of the box phone is already top of the line but this is the cherry on the top. Same Hardware but worlds appart in Performance,

This Video speaks for itself. The Samsung S5 with the same 2.3 GHz Chip and a higher clock freq. is far back in the shadows of the M8 in conjunction with the Viper Rom

Z_Jomant Did_you_know_Tips: Did you know that when you pull down the Status Bar and long press one of the Icons like the Bluetooth, WIFI or GPS icon that it will automatically opens the option menu for you! 


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