Marshmallow progress: Beta Testing started – New VenomHUB Backend and downtimes.

We released a first Beta to our testers. So yeah, we got a first build nearly ready. Sure there are some bugs left that need to be fixed before its stable.

Hope that I will be able to finish porting one last file today or tomorrow. Still with bugfixing and testing there is still a lot to do.

Just wanted to keep you up 2 date.

We probably will release an Open Beta asap..since it’s xmas soon and my little takes a lot of time, we probably won’t be able to have a 100% stable release ready this year.

We are talking about the M9 here. The M8 will follow as soon we have a stable M9 rom.

M7 is EOL and won’t receive any MM love…at least not in the near future.


With the MM release we will introduce new VenomHUB features. That includes a VenomHUB access via browser.

You will be able to add own contributions, manage your devices, account details etc.

Since we need to migrate our old database to a new one, there will be some downtimes of VenomHub the next days.

  • Great news, looking forward to your M8 release 🙂 Keep up your amazing work folks!

    Short question aside, I’m assuming we’ll have to flash new firmware for the ROM to work properly, correct?

    • yes. sometimes new major releases also work with old firmware. thats absolutely not the case with MM on the M9..same should also apply for M8.

      • Yeah, already figured as much. Haven’t done this in a while, glad I’ve got enough time to read up on that to freshen up my memory 🙂

  • Clint Porter

    You all rock. Looking forward to that M8 ROM when it comes! Thanks for everything.

  • Himanshu Kansal

    Awesome! You guys are doing a great job. This is the best ROM for HTC One M8. I have some feedback. I hope you guys will reply. Please fix the problem with NFC on Verizon m8’s. I have two verizon m8’s and one at&t m8. NFC doesn not work on both verizon m8’s but works great on at&t. Also please bring back the audio mods back. It was reason I switched to viper one m8. It was removed later 🙁

  • laur2015

    were is the file for download?

  • iKingman

    As echoed below, great job with these Rom’s, I’ve been installing them for a few years now. I gave the ViperOneM8 5.0.1 Rom a go, and yes, very unstable but looked great. I was experiencing random reboots, tried upgrading TWRP to the latest version, not change. Now Back on 4.6.1.
    Anyone having trouble connecting to HTC Media Link HD, my HTC One M8, won’t even detect it much less connect. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂