Marshmallow Viper

Marshmallow Sense 7 ROM released for HTC One M8 – stable

So, after much back-and-forth, it’s finally done. ViperOneM8 has a custom Marshmallow base now. A marshmallow snake is about to bite!

Go check out the download page. ViperOneM8_5.0.0 (anything before 5.0.0 is not Marshmallow!) is what you are looking for.


  • 6.xx based firmware recommended. 6.12.1540.4 US Developer Edition and 6.14.707.1 Asia-TW (no direct RUU link but you could run this and then get official OTA). If you want these firmwares, your phone needs to be GSM, S-OFF.
  • 4.xx Lollipop-firmwares (for example 4.16.401.13) apparently work too, according to Artur’s tests  – however, we have had quite a few issues with older firmwares on the M9 and it will be a very good idea if you actually do the update on the M8  too, just to avoid potential problems. We were not able to observe long-term effects (wakelocks, drain, etc) yet, so, better safe than sorry.

Thank Artur from XDA for this fantastic port job! The Release-Post is here on XDA.


  • No carrier support. We might be adding Sprint, VZW, TMUS, ATT once they receive their own Marshmallow updates. Until then, please have patience, my young padawans! Trying to flash the ROM on those can lead to a device unable to boot further than bootloader or recovery!
  • Firmware: most GSM phones can try to work with HTC’s Developer Edition firmware. It works well for most international users too. This requires S-OFF first. CDMA (Sprint and Verizon in the US) can absolutely NOT flash the Developer Edition firmware, not even with S-OFF! This would possibly break your phone so you have to send it in! Be warned!


[EDIT Notes]
  • Had to re-word a few things to try and make things clearer.
  • Rick Luo

    well done, thanks a lot.

  • So no support for european devices as of yet I take it?

    • how so? Developer Edition Firmware runs perfectly well in every European network. In fact, I am running this ROM with the DevEd firmware on my M8 in Germany right now and its fine. Also, Artur said he did all the porting and testing on 4.16.401.10 firmware, which is obviously WWE/INT/EU or whatever you want to call it.

      • Ah, thanks, wasn’t aware of that. My bad.

  • Anthony7a

    Where can I download the new firmware? The last places for my other updates are no longer working or down at the moment, big thanks for this Rom

  • fredlamour

    Thanks !!!!!!

  • TheEarthboundHero

    So, if I have a T-Mobile phone with a Developer firmware it will work? Where can I get that firmware?

    • Sneakyghost

      T-Mobile with DevEd firmware works, but you will lose some T-Mobile specific features like Wi-Fi calling, SMS/MMS over Wi-Fi, maybe also VoLTE/HD Voice. Not sure. Neither our ROM nor the available firmware support those at the moment. There is not much we can do about that. The DevEd RUU for conversion (you need S-OFF for that first!) can be found on HTC’s ROM Download page:

  • Ollie1132

    So I just spent hours upon hours converting to DevEd and OTA’ing back up to lollipop… I have 4.17.1540.9 as my software number. Thats not right is it? 🙁

    • Sneakyghost

      DevEd 6.12.1540.4 is latest for your phone. There is a RUU on HTC ROM Downloads ( which is by far the best, safest and cleanest way to update your phone. Once you have run that, you can flash TWRP and then the ROM.

  • Lazaros

    Hi, i have team software version , and my bootloader says “Software Status: Modified” , which 6x version should i install, and will i have any problem?


  • Prantik

    I have sprint M8 KitKat 4.4.4 with S-off and super cid ,bootloader unlock and root with TWRP…I install this rom, it shows my installation successful but when I reboot it goes to bootloader mode, whats wrong with it …..sorry for bad English.

  • Bernard Reinose

    I am on 4.16.401.10 ( CID 102 ) and S-OFF. Can I upgrade to 6.12.401.4 to install the new ROM ?

    • Hamta Ro

      upgrade with the official and then install the new rom, yes

  • Arunkumar

    Hi, happy to hear this. is there marshmallow update for htc one m7?

    • Szilágyi Tamás

      This is important info for me.

  • Gaurav Manna

    Alright. I am confused a bit. I have ViperOneM8 4.3.0 version running with sense 6. I don’t think I have S-Off. I have this since I rooted my phone a year ago and haven’t updated since. I want the latest update,but I am confused how to flash it. I am unclear about the steps. I need to get the official firmware from the HTC site and have S-Off? And I should update my phone using the official firmware and then flash the new rom? I am confused about the exact steps that need to be followed.

    • read the XDA Forum threads for venomrom ..
      and you need to unlock the bootloader , flash STOCK ROM , update the Stock using OTA , that will upgrade the firmware , thn with custom recovery you can flash custom ROM .. xda forum will help you in this

  • Marvin Akk

    Installed this Rom, alsmost everything runs fine, but it’s not possible for me to start Venom-Tweaks. i installed no other mods, just this rom.

  • Raj

    Thnakyou fot the latest ROM but they were few bugs with the new ViperOneM8+5.0.1
    navigation bar freezing , venom tweaks not working …help me plz

  • Thanks a lot..
    I am using Sprint M8..but I am on GSM can i flash the gsm carrier ROM as I dont use CDMA
    and Sprint is both CDMA n GSM so will it work or not?

  • thewisesoul88

    trying to add picture to send as mms, but cannot insert. Phone goes back to message inbox everytime, a photo is added to send as msg. Also is there a way to reduce the icons size without using any launchers?

  • 亚龙 兰


  • Himanshu Kansal

    Can you guys or anyone please please make a step by step video for this process. Me and many of my friends are stuck on old viper rom and firmware. I dont want to risk bricking my phone. There is so much confusion for the conversion process. A video will solve the confusion. The written material still leaves so many questions for the beginners.

    • Gaurav Manna

      Same. Need a clear process.

  • SO i was on Lollipop VenomRom .
    just saw this yesterday ,things I did
    -Flashed Stock Rom (from nandroid)
    -Flashed Stock Recovery
    -Checked for updates … marshmallow update was there let it install
    -Flashed TWRP latest recovery
    -Downloaded and Flashed M8 5.0.2 VenomRom

    = I am not S-OFF ,

    Right now phone is starting up (Android is Starting .. Optimizing APps)

    as always , thanks 🙂

    • siddharth09888

      bro i am tired of seaching for how to flash stock rom and stock recovery , tried a few methods nothing helped , can u help me . thank u

  • pyktures

    Does the marshmallow version have access to DOZE? Standby mode seems to be more power hungry than before.

  • Vlada

    I have firmware 4.16.401.10 and SUPERCID 11111111. I am trying to update it but nothing for now. Please help.

    • Vlada