M10 Fundraising over 1000USD reached – How excited you are about the M10?



Thanks to a bunch of new donations we’ve reached over 1000USD a few days ago. Depending on how much the M10 will costs thats nearly to devices funded.

It’s really great to see that so many people are willing to donate. Makes us feel that we did some things right with the several thousands hours spent on the last HTC Flagships with our ViperOne Series. Really hope, that the M10 will get more attention that the M9 did. The community size on the M9 was maybe a fourth of what we had on the M8 and even less on the M7.

Currently I think that the M10 will be my last device I’ll work on…and I doubt that will change. Having family and an own home (Fuck that damn garden work!!!)  is time consuming, in a nice way of course…okay, not always 😀 – But yeah, family is what matters and in 30 or more years I want to remember the moments I had with my family not the time I “wasted” watching on phones.

What’s your opinion about the M10 based on the several leaked info and pictures the last weeks? You’ll get it and join us on ViperM10?


  • RG

    Definitely getting the 10. Looking forward to flashing ViperOne!

  • Stefano Casalinuovo

    Htc ten will be my next phone (actually M8 Viper rom)

  • zeke baker

    When I can afford the M10, I will get it, but that may be the last device that I get for a long time because I’ve tried other roms, and nothing runs or is as unique as the venom series. I’m afraid you leaving will end development for this rom but I guess we will see. You are doing the right thing Jan, but all of us in the community, spoken or silent, will miss you. Thanks for all you have done throughout the years……. Now hurry and get that thing and venomize it lol.

  • Scottie Watson

    Venom Roms are the biggest thing that I have been missing since moving from M7 to S6 edge. I have high hopes for the M10 as my potential next device, as it appears that samsung is intent on killing third party development.

    P.S. amazing april fools joke, you had me really really excited…..then heart broken