Information about our Ticktsystem – Discontinued for now

We decided to discontinue the ticketsystem for now. The reason is that it grew too big with all the new devices and its currently to much work to maintain. The Ticketsystem was online for over two years and over 6000 Tickets were created and worked on. In general it was a nice way to give users the opporturnity to get help and it was a unique feature we had. Or do you know any other rom that offered such support in that way?

Maybe it will come back one day, but for now use our threads on xda to get help or join us in irc.

  • There is no doubt the support system was great , you guys always replied and always helped (touch of sarcasm was always in the replies 😀 , but thats the humor )

    but why not open a small forum because a ticket system gets the same question asked again and again and others can see if someone else had some similar issue and in a forum you guys can involve the community ..
    you folks know best, just saying .

    • we had a forum once…it also time consuming to maintain it.
      Also often we forgot to check it daily…well it was more like one time a month we remembered to look at it.
      It’s really better to keep all on xda, where several people watch the thread and also the community can help answeing questions

      • XDA is always the best place indeed .. respect your decision (y)

  • Enzo Basile

    Why I don’t receive email confirmation after I have created my account? In this way I can’t access to venom hub 🙁