Infamous Verizon < 10% Battery Lag Fixed

We finally found the bug that appeared for Verizon users when the battery goes below 10%. The device started lagging as hell then and was totally unusable.

That bug was around since the m7 days and thanks to a hint from bschram we finally were able to find the culprit and fix it.


The fix is available for the M8 and M9 in the Hotfixes Section of VenomHUB.

  • David

    About time, Jan!

  • Must be one of the longest persisting bugs lol. 3 years is a good long run. Thank God it wasn’t something that affected too many 😀

  • Clint Porter

    My vzw M8 with 4.5.0 seemed to be getting really laggy the last few weeks, even after reboots. I’m very careful about what apps I run in the background as well.

    This may just be the placebo effect, but I just installed this fix and it seems much faster and smoother at any battery level.

    • Clint Porter

      UPDATE: This phone has definitely been much snappier all day after running this update.