HTC U 11 specs leaked – Your thoughts?


What are your thoughts? Are you gonna get it? Let us know in the comments.


BTW: We have nearly 2 devices funded. Goal would be 3 or 4, help us to bring you our rom to the HTC U 11 a soon as possible.

  • MoreGadget

    Looks like the 128gb will be the dual sim variant which is disappointing but I’ll still be a buyer once the folks at Sunshine get s-off and the great team here has Viper ready. Until then I’ll stick with my 10.

  • Kamil Klecha
  • Constantinos Georgiou

    Unfortunately my work mail needs intune to work so I can’t have a rooted phone anymore 🙁

  • oh HTC U 11 coming with amazing features. 16 MP Front Camera, 6GB RAM, 2TB external storage, EdgeSense, BoomSound.. It might be the best in Market

  • Павел Кугаев

    How long will you support Viper10?

  • tolliver maikuremaru

    no headphone jack…Samsung just
    ditched it cuz they listened to their base and everyone else…and the “squeeze” interface, another failed gimmick unfortunately. the hTC 10 is great but still prefer my m8, m9…can’t beat the speakers and the IR blaster awesome but whatever. I hope they fail with this one and hopefully realize they’re no Apple and Samsung, so just hTC and stop jumping on that fucking bandwagon. And no I’m not hatn on hTC…all my phones have been hTCs.

  • joseph mcfadden

    i’m really sick of the safetynet garbage. i loved how easy it was to mess with the m8. if they keep safety net i’m out. been looking at the one plus 5 leaks. i really want to see reviews / samples of the ultrapixel 1.7f camera too before i jump in. but yeah…if safety net exists again, i’m done with htc.