HTC One M10 Fundraising

Another year has passed since the last flagship with the M9 and the next flagship is already around the corner.
ViperOneM9 was a really a success.

If you check xda, we are the most popular M9 Rom…with a massive gap to the *yawn* second most popular one.
Thanks to your donations last year for the HTC One M9 Fund you made that happen, since it made it possible that nearly every Venom Dev was able to get an HTC One M9.
So we were able to push a lot of updates with a lot of new features and quick bugfixes.
In my opinion, ViperOneM9 was the best supported and most stable rom ever made by Venom.

To be able to keep that up with the HTC One M10 we need your help again.
Help us to be able to get a couple of M10 devices for our devs.

Some may not understand, why we don’t have the money ourself to get the devices.
Well that’s easy explained. In some countries, a new flagship is sometimes one complete income,maybe even more…without having payed the fixed costs yet.
In my case I can’t even pay our fixed costs with my own income anymore with buying an own flat for my family with our now 5 months old son. We basically live with the small money my wife gets during here parental leave.
Definitely not much money left for me to afford a new device.

Any donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • Freskeeeh

    I so hope you’ll get the money for the devices! Recently I switched from my M8 to an Iphone 6 just to see how ios it is compared to Android. Not bad but I don’t know how much I can resist without some of the venom tweaks.

  • Darkpath

    I hope HTC can make this happen as much as team venom can. I’m not able to afford a new device this year, and I would like to. But I think you guys deserve, and should continue your priceless work. Thank you team for letting me have it on the multiple devices. You could keep it to yourselves, so I hope XDA and this community here gives some well deserved respect to you guys. We give HTC our money for the device and their software……. why can’t we give them$50 for the phone, and you the other $650 for the intelligence? Sorry to brown nose, but I myself was/am almost afraid you guys and the dark themes will disappear. If I could help program,theme,or do anything I would. My skills are not as good as yours. I will never stop trying though, because the whole team has inspired me to not be lazy, except sneaky, since German man is lazy. That’s the deal breaker lol .Thanks. and no, I’m not drunk…… yet so please user’s, donate what you can, because these guys donate a lot more than 5 bucks each to us. You silent users would help alot also please. I’d like to have venom on my M11.

  • Dean Little

    I’m trying to donate, but I’m getting 404 Not found. 😕