HTC Ocean Fundraising

If you want to give us in return for the hours spent on the roms and the support we give on xda and irc, then help us getting the new flagships for our developers, so we can work on bringing ViperOcean to your devices. I myself , I didn’t think that I need to say that once, are even tight on money this year. Things have changed with having an own home, kid and an own family now.

Venom is now around for about 6 years and we supported all flagships since the Evo3D/Sensation till the HTC10.

Again another year is over and a new flagship is around the corner. The current flagship aka HTC10 was and still is  a great device, in my opinion the best HTC Ever made. Unfortunately it got totally underrated. Maybe the result of the catastrophic previous flagship, the HTC One M9, that failed in many points.

Since the HTC One our user base decreased drastically. If we have a look at the download counts 5 years ago on the HTC One and now on the HTC10 it is really a sad development. Sure you also need to see, that Android and HTC Sense improved during the years and more and more people stay on stock and are not in the need to root and flash a custom rom. Still there is a connection between the download counts and how successful a HTC device is.

So on the HTC One we got currently over 100.000 downloads and on the HTC10 we come not even close to the 10.000, even the HTC One M9 has over 12k downloads for a rom that got released two years ago.

Let’s hope that things will get better on the HTC Ocean that really looks promising:



  • Seneeki Kaant

    I love the work that you guys do, ever since I got my m8, I tried many roms on it and found viperone and instantly fell in love. I got the m9 when it came out and to say I was happy with it is an understatement, I tried viperone m9 version 4.3 and had many issues, flashed a different rom to see if that helped and it didn’t, but I was too lazy to flash again. go back to a could of months ago and I see viperone m9 6.0 is released, so I installed it and omg, you guys did the impossible. you made this phone great. in saying that, I am not planning to get a new phone any time soon due to budget restrictions, however to show my support and thanks for giving me an excellent rom for my last 2 phones, when I can spare some cash, I’ll send some your way. here’s hoping I’ll get the phone after the ocean (and hoping it isn’t a lemon) and that you guys are still making the same awesome roms when it comes out.