HTC 10 Japan Edition

HTC 10 review, poll and giveaway

Hi everybody!

It’s a sunny Sunday evening here, the new week is about to begin and the past week about to close. Big week for me, us at Team Venom as a whole and all those Android FanGirls/Boys. The Hashtag #PowerOf10  (HTC 10) has certainly dominated the minds of quite a few people besides the political satire going on in Germany and the melting polar caps and whatnot. So, I am finishing my day with the things that sum up my week best and share those with you:

First things first, the big “Gimme Gimme”  – go HERE to enter a giveaway for the HTC 10  The give-away is from (this is a clean link for those not wanting me getting entries). Or click HERE if you want to help me collect some entries (cheaper than donating to my HTC 10 anyway :p). There’s a really nice review video where you can have a very good look at the actual phone in that link too. (the actual reason I am sharing it besides the givcaway). It has indeed helped me get a good visual impression of a phone I am intending to buy which I wasn’t yet able to check out myself. Enjoy.

There also is a nice little poll on Androidpolice.comLG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. HTC 10 – make sure to head over and bomb that place with your HTC 10 votes 😉 little reminder: have you actually seen our little Google Doc survey on the HTC 10 and Viper? Please do fill it out. Thanks!

Last but not least, I thought I share this Camera shootout has done on the HTC 10 vs. SGS7 vs. Nexus 6P vs. LG G5 – there are two, one for daytime conditions and one for nighttime conditions. Pretty neat comparison images. Thanks for the work I’d say. I liked both very much, particularly because those show how the HTC 10 is catching up with the competition this year – a main point of criticism the past 3 years at least.

Daylight Shootout Nighttime shootout

Have a fantastic new week!


Here is another very nice piece by @Verge: Modern phone with familiar design

  • Hrishikesh Kalgaonkar

    Saw the shootout …Nexus is THE winner. Our beloved HTC 10 ultrapixel cannot compete in details as well as cannot capture backlit objects. Pity …I was hoping to get this ASAP….but looks like same old M7 story repeated. Apart from sound and expandable storage what else is new is just incremental upgrade. I think I would stick to my M7 for a while until I see how good or bad the new camera is.