ViperOneM9 4.0.0 BETA is here for you!


About the rom:
This is a BETA Version. If you don’t know what a BETA Version is, then please don’t flash the rom.

Reporting bugs:
If you find bugs, things that are not working: We are aware of it and will fix them as soon as we can.
Please don’t report bugs in the xda thread, irc and especially don’t create tickets.
We hadn’t time to finish beta testing, but we decided to give you an early xmas present.
Please be grateful, we don’t want to see any complains – If we do, we just take the rom down again.

What carriers are supported:

For now just international, no Sprint, Verizon, TmoUS or AT&T Support.
For TmoUS and AT&T: Just choose “Default” at the carrier selection.

New firmware required:

You need to flash the new Android M firmware. It’s linked below the rom download on
Therefore you need S-oFF and most of you SuperCID

Does dirty flashing on top of ViperOneM9 3.5.0 work?:

It will work, I did it too. BUT your system will lag here and there and you will experience FC’s. We suggest that you do a clean install.

Enjoy and have fun!

Marshmallow progress: Beta Testing started – New VenomHUB Backend and downtimes.

We released a first Beta to our testers. So yeah, we got a first build nearly ready. Sure there are some bugs left that need to be fixed before its stable.

Hope that I will be able to finish porting one last file today or tomorrow. Still with bugfixing and testing there is still a lot to do.

Just wanted to keep you up 2 date.

We probably will release an Open Beta asap..since it’s xmas soon and my little takes a lot of time, we probably won’t be able to have a 100% stable release ready this year.

We are talking about the M9 here. The M8 will follow as soon we have a stable M9 rom.

M7 is EOL and won’t receive any MM love…at least not in the near future.


With the MM release we will introduce new VenomHUB features. That includes a VenomHUB access via browser.

You will be able to add own contributions, manage your devices, account details etc.

Since we need to migrate our old database to a new one, there will be some downtimes of VenomHub the next days.

Latest Sense Home ported – Available in VenomHUB

Have fun…only change I see is an ugly indicator in the appdrawer 😀

If you updated it from playstore before, please go to Playstore->My Apps->Sense Home and uninstall it. Else flashing this update won’t have any effect.
All known venom homescreen tweaks got ported and are working on the new update.

Infamous Verizon < 10% Battery Lag Fixed

We finally found the bug that appeared for Verizon users when the battery goes below 10%. The device started lagging as hell then and was totally unusable.

That bug was around since the m7 days and thanks to a hint from bschram we finally were able to find the culprit and fix it.


The fix is available for the M8 and M9 in the Hotfixes Section of VenomHUB.

ViperOneM9 1.2.0 released – Verizon support added


  • Added Verizon support
  • Added back POLARIS Office
  • Usecured boot.img
  • Added Download Mode to APM
  • Updated Hub Icons
  • Removed more unnecessary files
  • Updated all /system and /data apps


  • Fixed Powersaver icon not dissapearing when disabling it
  • Fixed incorrect battery icon showing in VenomTweaks Battery theming
  • Fixed mixed up up/down traffic in info line
  • Fixed changing lockscreen carrier label requiring reboot
  • Fixed “Use JB Toast”
  • Fixed disabling volume buttons sound
  • Fixed missplaced appdrawer icon when switching from landscape to portrait
  • Fixed custom MMS sizes
  • Fixed Homescreen Menu items opening wrong actions
  • Fixed Recovery Installations for VenomHub Addons
  • Fixed duplicated apps issue in data/app (Full wipe only)
  • Fixed AROMA widgets removal
  • Fixed hiding htc sync icon not working

ViperOneM9 for HTC One M9 Sprint available

That was fast, wasn’t it? (-:

Enjoy you muricans 😀

WANTED! Beta Testers on HTC ONE M9.

If you are experienced with flashing roms, adb, can pull logcats, understand my german humoar and think you would be the right one to beta test our ViperOneM9, then contact me @ xda here
Please don’t contact me if you are just interested to get roms early and don’t have the intention to test…because then you are sooner out of the beta team than you can say “Südsiljanische Breitarschantilope”