Marshmallow Sense 7 ROM released for HTC One M8 – stable

So, after much back-and-forth, it’s finally done. ViperOneM8 has a custom Marshmallow base now. A marshmallow snake is about to bite!

Go check out the download page. ViperOneM8_5.0.0 (anything before 5.0.0 is not Marshmallow!) is what you are looking for.


  • 6.xx based firmware recommended. 6.12.1540.4 US Developer Edition and 6.14.707.1 Asia-TW (no direct RUU link but you could run this and then get official OTA). If you want these firmwares, your phone needs to be GSM, S-OFF.
  • 4.xx Lollipop-firmwares (for example 4.16.401.13) apparently work too, according to Artur’s tests  – however, we have had quite a few issues with older firmwares on the M9 and it will be a very good idea if you actually do the update on the M8  too, just to avoid potential problems. We were not able to observe long-term effects (wakelocks, drain, etc) yet, so, better safe than sorry.

Thank Artur from XDA for this fantastic port job! The Release-Post is here on XDA.


  • No carrier support. We might be adding Sprint, VZW, TMUS, ATT once they receive their own Marshmallow updates. Until then, please have patience, my young padawans! Trying to flash the ROM on those can lead to a device unable to boot further than bootloader or recovery!
  • Firmware: most GSM phones can try to work with HTC’s Developer Edition firmware. It works well for most international users too. This requires S-OFF first. CDMA (Sprint and Verizon in the US) can absolutely NOT flash the Developer Edition firmware, not even with S-OFF! This would possibly break your phone so you have to send it in! Be warned!


[EDIT Notes]
  • Had to re-word a few things to try and make things clearer.

Latest Sense Home ported – Available in VenomHUB

Have fun…only change I see is an ugly indicator in the appdrawer 😀

If you updated it from playstore before, please go to Playstore->My Apps->Sense Home and uninstall it. Else flashing this update won’t have any effect.
All known venom homescreen tweaks got ported and are working on the new update.

Infamous Verizon < 10% Battery Lag Fixed

We finally found the bug that appeared for Verizon users when the battery goes below 10%. The device started lagging as hell then and was totally unusable.

That bug was around since the m7 days and thanks to a hint from bschram we finally were able to find the culprit and fix it.


The fix is available for the M8 and M9 in the Hotfixes Section of VenomHUB.

ViperOneM8 4.1.0 Available

ViperOneM8 4.1.0 (February 18th)

  • Added htc_m8tl support
  • Fixed menu staying visible when an app reveals it
  • Fixed venompie not applying changes immediately
  • Fixed venompie not being able to start apps
  • Fixed heqs 2g setting showing wrong icon
  • Fixed miui batter bar not remembering auto regular, medium and low color
  • Fixed showing missing simcard icon when Verizon signal icons are selected
  • Fixed distorted data usage icon
  • Fixed wrong sprint activation icon
  • Fixed VenomSuperUser not granting su to several apps (e.g. Clean Master)
  • Fixed notifications tint color
  • Fixed dataicon showing while wifi is on on vzw and sprint?
  • Fixed some kernel tweaks applying, altough kernel tab disabled
  • Fixed data icon staying visible on AT&T and TMOUS if data is disabled (HTC bug!)
  • Fixed missing blinkfeed weather icon
  • Fixed quick flashlight – longpress to toggle
  • Fixed venomhub not rebooting into recovery automatically
  • Added auto fix of sdcard issue
  • Added sdcard fix command to VenomTweaks-Advanced
  • Added SELinux Mode changer to VenomTweaks-Advanced
  • Added Hacked Pie changer to VenomTweaks-Advanced
  • Added back signal icons and battery on the left
  • Enabled powersaver for verizon
  • Add back always display data icon (works for vzw/sprint/tmous)
  • Added hiding sprint gps icon/hide gps off icon
  • Added back volume down screen off
  • Added back block volume keys on locksceen
  • Added Status bar icon showing also on on lock screen
  • Added disabling AT&T status bar carrier label
  • Added Battery can now be hidden on lockscreen


Available as OTA: Settings->About->Software Update


Fullroms will be soon available here.

Lollipop-Update Questions


Cuz u suck!

We’ve dug around in Lollipop-land since quite some time now. When I checked through the front page here earlier, I figured that Jan already announced the work on Android 5 around January 8th.
That is exactly 24 days today, or a little over 3 weeks, or 20 days before HTC has rolled the M8 Lollipop update in Europe! Cool, huh? Well. HTC missed their 90-day promise in the US and we are being late as well. There are reasons for that. Thing is, sadly I still can’t give you an ETA. But what I can do is give you a quick idea on where we stand.

You all wonder what happened since then. You try very hard not to ask for Lollipop ETA’s and we see that and do appreciate that a lot. Because you don’t suck.

Android 5 has introduced some serious technical changes that will not so much be visible on its surface, but more affecting security. These changes affect us in so far as that development had to spend a fair amount of time on learning and getting stuff worked out. It took a little over two weeks until development had a ROM that was actually able to boot with the first basic changes done to it. That’s not because we suck (no we don’t either), but because its been kinda, err, well, difficult.

Since January 25th, the M8 Beta team is working on the ROM with development. That day, we received a first incomplete, more alpha than beta version of the ROM. I can gladly announce that the crew of Jan, Ivicask, m0narx, Hansbert and Shnizlon as well as Turge (currently hiding in the bushes) have made considerable progress since then. Also Basil3, our silent workhorse in the background, has had success with first theming attempts. I believe a first dark theme will be available together with the ROM, maybe even more. It all depends on how much time these guys are able to cut away from their bread and butter lives.

According to what development has planned, the work on the HTC One M7 Lollipop update will begin once the M8 is ready. That will be a very tight fit before HTC will announce the M9 at MWC 2015, March 1st, but then again, the major part of the development has already been done on the M8 by then. Work on the M7 will be faster.

HTC says they can’t give details on the “major” event right before MWC, but we all know what it’s gonna be.


Well, whatever that event will be, the M9 will be around shortly and we will be jumping on the next flagship like we’ve done for the longest time now. This means the HTC One M7 will then be the device that reaches its EOL – its been a nice ride and a beautiful phone – it was fun while it lasted. Yea. That’s tough. Bye bye.

In the past, we have said that we will drop support for devices that reach their EOL (we talk HTC’s EOL scheme here, right) of 24 months. Means, the M7 Lollipop will just fit in there before we need to focus on the M9. Sorry about that, it might be the last update. But we also take the freedom of choice and update devices longer, if we can and want. Since m0narx might be keeping the M7, we might also keep updating it for a bit. Just that we make even less promises with old phones than with  current ones 😉

The obligatory and uncomfortable part at the end: contributions towards the upgrades are very much appreciated, not all developers are able to pay the upgrades from their real life work and if they should also keep updating the M8, which is what you probably take for granted, you might consider helping them keep those phones. An upgrade needs be paid for somehow.

Thank you for your ongoing support, patience and gratitude! We value you, our users very high and wish to express our thanks. We will keep working hard on the stuff you love.

Android L Update / Login issues resolved on

Several hundreds hours already has been spend by all devs on the Android L roms, both for the m8 and m7.
We went into a bunch of issues each day, some got resolved, some workarounded, some are still there and worked on or postponed for an update after the initial Android L release.
On the m8 beta testing started yesterday, since the m7 and m8 framework is pretty the same, the progress made on the m8 can be used to 99% on the m7 too.
There is still lots to do and we are working hard on it to bring you the Android L update asap.

For people that had issues to login on, if it was the forum or the ticketssytem:

It should be resolved now.

M8 Harman / Kardon Edition Mod now on HUB

Ever since HTC and Sprint introduced their “Harman / Kardon Edition” phone, the regular HTC One M8 buyers felt a little, well, cheated on.

Didn’t HTC claim the HTC One M8 was the ultimate audio experience when they released the regular M8? Something like that? I don’t exactly remember their phrasing but it was something along those lines. Now they call their Harman / Kardon Edition phone the “unmatched audio” thingy…

Well, anyhow. I DID feel cheated on. I like my music and I like a phone to sound like a good music player and not like a plastic box with speakers that make noise on the table. So. Now HTC released a Harman / Kardon M8 which is better than what i had just paid 600 Euro for. Hmm.

I talked to HTC directly, think on twitter it was. Been a while ago. I asked them this: is the Sprint Harman / Kardon Edition featuring any different hardware, or is it only software that changed?
I was curious because HTC said the Harman / Kardon Edition was capable of 192KHz/24bit high-resolution audio, which the regular M8 was not. They must have put in a better DAC (Digital-Analogue Converter), right? Or so I thought. Turns out, they use the same DSP (Digital Signal Processor) on all variants, because the DSP is part of the SnapDragon 801 SoC. Its called “Hexagon DSP” (another link of what the Hexagon is capable of) by Qualcomm. And guess what: it’s always been capable of high-resolution audio. The Harman / Kardon Edition just has the feature unlocked!

Oh can you imagine my joy. Of course, knowing this, exchanging the DSP firmware should do the trick. Baadnewz and Ivicask began to experiment with that idea when the first Sprint Harman / Kardon Edition Software/Firmware dropped. They together with Lyapota quickly determined a number of ROM files that needed to go along with the ADSP firmware image to make it work on the regular M8.

Guich and me got back into the game a little while later, when I realized that going back to BoomSound was kind of, well, complicated. I realized some people wanted to switch back and forth but had no easy solution except dirty flash their ROM. So I thought we do an Aroma based switcher, after we had to ditch the idea of making it a toggle in tweaks (overly complicated).
Originally, I didn’t pursue my idea of the firmware exchange any further. I hadn’t managed to get my device S-OFF, which is an absolute must. But then I got S-OFF and we started digging into the mod to create the switcher. By now it’s in its third generation and has gotten more complex, due to HTC making it more complex. The main feature, HD Audio playback, now also needs a changed Kernel. The switcher alone will only enable the software functions of the Harman Kardon phone like Clari-Fi and LiveStage, but without the supporting kernel, there will be no LossLess high-resolution audio.

So, the Harman/Kardon phone can now be downloaded from Venom HUB. It comes without the special headphones though. Those didn’t fit through the line. But you can buy them over at, they will ship in a parcel.

I am very glad I can announce this switcher now to support Android 4.4.4 (Yes, it took a long while) and i have to say thanks to all those great helpers and developers over on XDA, where it all started:

You can download The Switcher here and on our HUB. It is not only ViperOneM8 compliant – it also supports every other GSM and CDMA HTC One M8 out there (theoretically – not sure about the exotic variants – try for yourself) and could even be used to convert the real Sprint Harman / Kardon Edition to HTC BoomSound 😉