Latest Sense Home ported – Available in VenomHUB

Have fun…only change I see is an ugly indicator in the appdrawer 😀

If you updated it from playstore before, please go to Playstore->My Apps->Sense Home and uninstall it. Else flashing this update won’t have any effect.
All known venom homescreen tweaks got ported and are working on the new update.

Beta Testing starts on m7

The porting on the m7 is done and the beta testing can start at the weekend.

We expect less issues though, because the m7 profits really a lot of the work done on the m8 already.

So the release for the m7 shouldn’t be that far away.


What you will get:


Some highlights and new exclusive features of the new release:




Lollipop-Update Questions


Cuz u suck!

We’ve dug around in Lollipop-land since quite some time now. When I checked through the front page here earlier, I figured that Jan already announced the work on Android 5 around January 8th.
That is exactly 24 days today, or a little over 3 weeks, or 20 days before HTC has rolled the M8 Lollipop update in Europe! Cool, huh? Well. HTC missed their 90-day promise in the US and we are being late as well. There are reasons for that. Thing is, sadly I still can’t give you an ETA. But what I can do is give you a quick idea on where we stand.

You all wonder what happened since then. You try very hard not to ask for Lollipop ETA’s and we see that and do appreciate that a lot. Because you don’t suck.

Android 5 has introduced some serious technical changes that will not so much be visible on its surface, but more affecting security. These changes affect us in so far as that development had to spend a fair amount of time on learning and getting stuff worked out. It took a little over two weeks until development had a ROM that was actually able to boot with the first basic changes done to it. That’s not because we suck (no we don’t either), but because its been kinda, err, well, difficult.

Since January 25th, the M8 Beta team is working on the ROM with development. That day, we received a first incomplete, more alpha than beta version of the ROM. I can gladly announce that the crew of Jan, Ivicask, m0narx, Hansbert and Shnizlon as well as Turge (currently hiding in the bushes) have made considerable progress since then. Also Basil3, our silent workhorse in the background, has had success with first theming attempts. I believe a first dark theme will be available together with the ROM, maybe even more. It all depends on how much time these guys are able to cut away from their bread and butter lives.

According to what development has planned, the work on the HTC One M7 Lollipop update will begin once the M8 is ready. That will be a very tight fit before HTC will announce the M9 at MWC 2015, March 1st, but then again, the major part of the development has already been done on the M8 by then. Work on the M7 will be faster.

HTC says they can’t give details on the “major” event right before MWC, but we all know what it’s gonna be.


Well, whatever that event will be, the M9 will be around shortly and we will be jumping on the next flagship like we’ve done for the longest time now. This means the HTC One M7 will then be the device that reaches its EOL – its been a nice ride and a beautiful phone – it was fun while it lasted. Yea. That’s tough. Bye bye.

In the past, we have said that we will drop support for devices that reach their EOL (we talk HTC’s EOL scheme here, right) of 24 months. Means, the M7 Lollipop will just fit in there before we need to focus on the M9. Sorry about that, it might be the last update. But we also take the freedom of choice and update devices longer, if we can and want. Since m0narx might be keeping the M7, we might also keep updating it for a bit. Just that we make even less promises with old phones than with  current ones 😉

The obligatory and uncomfortable part at the end: contributions towards the upgrades are very much appreciated, not all developers are able to pay the upgrades from their real life work and if they should also keep updating the M8, which is what you probably take for granted, you might consider helping them keep those phones. An upgrade needs be paid for somehow.

Thank you for your ongoing support, patience and gratitude! We value you, our users very high and wish to express our thanks. We will keep working hard on the stuff you love.

Android L Update / Login issues resolved on

Several hundreds hours already has been spend by all devs on the Android L roms, both for the m8 and m7.
We went into a bunch of issues each day, some got resolved, some workarounded, some are still there and worked on or postponed for an update after the initial Android L release.
On the m8 beta testing started yesterday, since the m7 and m8 framework is pretty the same, the progress made on the m8 can be used to 99% on the m7 too.
There is still lots to do and we are working hard on it to bring you the Android L update asap.

For people that had issues to login on, if it was the forum or the ticketssytem:

It should be resolved now.

VenomHUB: Fix for no sound during calls on HTC One M7

For about two weeks m7 users suffer under a serious bug that was introduced with a google play services update.
That bug causes that you will have no voice during calls. Neither you will hear anything, nor your call partner.
The issue was discussed on several pages the last days in ViperOne M7 thread, but also in several other threads on xda, other forums or blogs
Not just ViperOne was is affected, but all custom roms and also stock none rooted roms…so actually everyone.

The bug was confirmed by HTC a few days ago and started rolling out OTA’s to fix the issue.
For WWE users the fix was included in the 6.09.401.11 base already.

In VenomHub you can find now the fix, pulled from the 6.09.401.11 ota under Addons->Hotfixes.

Or download it here

Enhanced Recent Apps tweaks for ViperOne M7


Presentation image

Enhanced recent apps tweaks for ViperOne M7 7.0.x

Available to download from Venom Hub now

This mod brings yet more firsts for Team Venom as for the first time on any Sense ROM we have added both SLIM Recents and the very latest Android L card stack recents along with a whole host of additional tweaks and enhancements.  You’ll find the new tweaks at the bottom of the Misc tab in Venom Tweaks just below the awesome Volume UI tweaks we also added recently!

This mod is only currently available for M7 ViperOne version 7.0.x.  Please remember to make a backup before downloading and installing.




SLIM Recents tweaks include:

  • Configurable panel size – 6 options
  • Option to show on left or right side of screen
  • Configurable background colour
  • Configurable recent app card colour
  • Configurable recent app text colour
  • Option to select whether recent apps cards always appear expanded, compressed or auto
  • Option to show/hide current app



Android L Recents tweaks include:

  • Configurable recent apps card header colour
  • Configurable recent apps text colour
  • Option to show Clear All button – does not show if card size set to 100%
  • Option to show Clear All button at top or bottom of screen
  • Configurable card stack size – 5 options


Android L Recents scaled to 85% with Clear All button shown bottom right


Please note that whilst everything in SLIM Recents works perfectly there are a few minor bugs in the Android L recents which you should be aware of.  Occasionally when you open the recent apps panel it will be completely empty – just close it and open it again and it will be fine.  Secondly, the Clear All feature is not perfect and will usually leave behind the most recent app, and often the popup menu will appear as well – just back out of the recents panel once you’ve clicked clear all.  I have already spent weeks porting these and don’t intend to spend too much more time chasing these bugs.  IMHO Clear All shouldn’t be used anyway as it is not how Android multitasking is supposed to function!


SLIM ROMs for SLIM Recents
ParanoidAndroid for Android L Recents code base
LiquidSmooth for the Clear All button tweaks

ViperOne 7.0.0 Release – HTC One M7 Get’s 4.4.3 Update Early (You’re Welcome)

The wait is finally over!!! You guys have been asking for an updated release for a while now, and well…. the time has come. Consider it an early gift ;). ViperOne 7.0.0 is here for your tinkering hearts to enjoy. In case you haven’t seen it yet, we have the change log here:

ViperOne 7.0.0 (August 29)

Re-based on official m7 Sense 6.0 6.09.401.5


  • Added T-Moble Wifi Calling, ported from m8
  • Added Venom Keyboard skins
  • Added back VenomAppInstaller
  • Added SOS Function to HTC Flashlight
  • Added VenomPackageInstaller
  • Added kernel customisation support to tweaks (requires update from your kernel dev)
  • Added PnP control to CPU tab
  • Added Venom category with venom apps to native settings
  • Added customization of Extreme Powersaver Launcher shortcuts
  • Added Extreme Powersaver to APM
  • Added longpress power custom actions
  • Added ability to show/hide venom apps in native settings
  • Added force new task exclusion list
  • Added back key action to 3 finger gestures
  • Added NFC to “hide specific statusbar icons”
  • Unlocked all widgets for lockscreen (again)


  • Fixed force new task exclusion list
  • Fxed Smallapps showing updates in playstore
  • Fixed freeze when wiping dalvik cache in VenomTweaks
  • Fixed custom autobrightness
  • Fixed Blinkfeed FC on adding RSS from browser
  • Prevent recording a bugreport and give a warning when logcat functionality has been disabled


  • Updated all VenomApps to use HTC Theme Colors
  • Updated VenomHUB
    – Registration required
    – rate and comment items on the hub
    – download count of individual items
    – sorting items by download count and rating
    – system notifications for news, ota, new and updated items
    – venom news blinkfeed service
  • Updated VenomSidebar
    – fixed open on touch setting opening also on swipe
    – added panel custom color option
    – added swipe to open setting
    – added min swipe distance
  • Updated VenomTweaks
    – Visual and code improvements
  • General aroma clean up, improvements and additions

Already only a few hours into it being released, you guys have maxed out bandwidth on the main server. Jan received this message from AndroidFileHost earlier today:

Just wanted to let you know due to your recent FTP uploads being so
popular you are maxing out our NY servers port 😛 So it is going to
take an hour to sync it to the other servers due to the slow
speeds/maxed port.

Ill do my best to speed it along so your users get better speeds.

You Venom-Heads are definitely enthusiastic. We appreciate all your support, and we really think you’re gonna like the ROM. Check out the change log, and GO DOWNLOAD!!

As usual, any issues or bugs you come across, send us a support request through the ticket system.

Team Venom Begins Work On 4.4.3

Venom users rejoice! HTC has finally let us in on their 4.4.3/4.4.4 update plans and has announced that 4.4.3 will be the last update prior to the upgrade to Android L, unless they find any major issues that require their immediate attention.

You guys are probably wondering, what happened to the 4.4.4 update? Well HTC has gone ahead and merged the small 4.4.4 security updates into their 4.4.3 OTA, which was easier to accomplish than re-running the whole OTA engineering process. As of now the HTC One Developer Edition has already received the 4.4.3 OTA and the new version number is 6.17.1540.1.

4.4.3 update

The Unlocked editions of the HTC One M8 are also set to receive the 4.4.3 OTA by the end of this week, while the carrier versions of the HTC One M8 are also targeted for the end of this month (with the Sprint HTC One M8 already having received their OTA).

Mo  moversi  on Twitter


What does this mean for Venom? Well we have already begun to work on the new HTC One M7 base and Venom’s update for 4.4.3 is in the works. As for the HTC One M8, we will begin working on it as soon as the OTA is launched by HTC.

We hope you are all excited about the updates and bugfixes to come because we sure are.

Other than that, same rule as always: no ETA questions.