Attention to Marshmallow Venom Users – Playstore Lockscreen Update can softbrick your phone.

EDIT: Seems HTC pulled the update


The latest lockscreen update on the playstore causes a softbrick when installed on a venom rom running marshmallow.
This will happen if you have the sync toggles enabled, for whatever reason after the update the system claims that the READ_SYNC_SETTINGS permission for SystemUI is missing and causes the force close.

So before updating, remove the sync toggles before and don’t add them back.
If you alread updated and are locked out of your phone you can run following command in adb shell – Do that while booted into the OS!

If reflashing the fullrom does not work

adb shell settings put system tweaks_hquicksettings Tweaks

…now when you resetup your toggles, don’t add the sync toggles back!

Or flash the appropiate zip for your device:

If filename contains the compatible version. If your rom version is not available, write me a pm on xda


Or another way would be to go to twrp->advanced->file manager

navigate to /data/app/ and delete the folder do the same in /data/data
boot up, then go back to recovery and flash the fullrom on top.


If you are on the M9 or HTC 10…it is recommended to just update to the nougat version.


Happy Kiwiday Mike aka Basil3

One of our most faitful and loyal teammate has his B IR  TH DA Y today!

We wish him all the best!

First achievements on Venom Rom for iPhone 6

Jan, aka recognized developer ‘j to to the 4n’ searched a new challenge and started to work on a Venom rom on the iPhone 6 a couple of weeks ago. He said, that once there is a stable version, he will also work on an iPad version.
There were a bunch of basic hurdles that needed to be passed to be able to show some visible achievements to the public.

It’s really an very very early stage, so what you see isn’t as polished yet.
Here you can see how far he came so far:

View Gallery

Enhanced Recent Apps tweaks for ViperOne M7


Presentation image

Enhanced recent apps tweaks for ViperOne M7 7.0.x

Available to download from Venom Hub now

This mod brings yet more firsts for Team Venom as for the first time on any Sense ROM we have added both SLIM Recents and the very latest Android L card stack recents along with a whole host of additional tweaks and enhancements.  You’ll find the new tweaks at the bottom of the Misc tab in Venom Tweaks just below the awesome Volume UI tweaks we also added recently!

This mod is only currently available for M7 ViperOne version 7.0.x.  Please remember to make a backup before downloading and installing.




SLIM Recents tweaks include:

  • Configurable panel size – 6 options
  • Option to show on left or right side of screen
  • Configurable background colour
  • Configurable recent app card colour
  • Configurable recent app text colour
  • Option to select whether recent apps cards always appear expanded, compressed or auto
  • Option to show/hide current app



Android L Recents tweaks include:

  • Configurable recent apps card header colour
  • Configurable recent apps text colour
  • Option to show Clear All button – does not show if card size set to 100%
  • Option to show Clear All button at top or bottom of screen
  • Configurable card stack size – 5 options


Android L Recents scaled to 85% with Clear All button shown bottom right


Please note that whilst everything in SLIM Recents works perfectly there are a few minor bugs in the Android L recents which you should be aware of.  Occasionally when you open the recent apps panel it will be completely empty – just close it and open it again and it will be fine.  Secondly, the Clear All feature is not perfect and will usually leave behind the most recent app, and often the popup menu will appear as well – just back out of the recents panel once you’ve clicked clear all.  I have already spent weeks porting these and don’t intend to spend too much more time chasing these bugs.  IMHO Clear All shouldn’t be used anyway as it is not how Android multitasking is supposed to function!


SLIM ROMs for SLIM Recents
ParanoidAndroid for Android L Recents code base
LiquidSmooth for the Clear All button tweaks

Design Contest Winner Announced!

On August the 14th we announced the start of the Design Contest. We appealed to the community to create a new design for Team Venom.

The end of the contest was the 31st of August.

The first submissions took a while, in the first week there was just one submission and we weren’t very confident that we would get many more submissions and especially ones that we like and would use as new design.

The nearer the deadline came the more submissions we got and at the end we had 8 submissions.

One of them was from XDA member lemonbush (yes her account is just a few days old….she didn’t have one before and quickly created one, when we asked her for her XDA account).

She, yes it’s a woman that beat 7 other male designers (shame on you), created a clean flat sense 6 adapted style and colors. We liked her design very much and it didn’t take long for us to decide the winner of the contest.

A few personal words from her:

“I really enjoyed helping with this, it feels nice contributing to the community in a way.
The prize will go straight towards my device-upgrade piggy bank”

Her work you can see below:

(Click the image for a higher resolution)


In order for the other designers to not seem unappreciated, we decided to also reward a second winner. That second winner won’t be picked by us however, but YOU (YES YOU!) get to decide who is the runner up. Here are the designs for the voting:

Design 1
Designed from Lamaan M.
xda profile ilamaan
Design 2
Designed from Eric P.
xda profile
Design 3
Designed from Johannes H.
xda profile menfisher
Design 4
Designed from Kalin B.
xda profile archibrid
Design 5
Designed from Hasan K.
xda profile Hasan94
Design 6
Designed from Leonardo M.
xda profile mrbrown93
Design 7
Designed from adammo666
xda profile adammo666


Vote your favourite design:

(End of voting is the Sunday, 14th September)

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
start_date 09-01-2014 09:12:14
end_date 14-09-2014 11:59:59
Poll Results:
Vote your favorite design


CONTEST TIME!!!! – Logo Redesign

We are in need of a new logo, so we want you to get involved; this means time for a contest!!

Our old logo has to go, it’s too old and it’s time for a complete OVERHAUL. We decided, why not let the community pitch in? We know you don’t all develop, and if you’re like me, don’t even theme. But we also know that plenty of you mess around in Photoshop enough to come up with something. To whoever wins this, we want to give back in thanks to you. One lucky winner will receive a prize of $300 (USD)!!


Here’s what items are needed:

  • Logo
  • Signature Template
  • Avatar Template
  • OP Banner
  • Thread Headings
  • Facebook Banner (must be 851 x 315)

As I stated before, we’re looking for a major overhaul here. Overall color scheme (black and red) should stay the same, but the images are up to you.

Now that we have the fun stuff out of the way, time for some contest rules:

  • All submissions must contain all parts of submission, once winner is picked you can make any final changes needed with our input
  • Images must be original content, nothing pre-made (or searched from Google ya dingus)
  • The winner will be required to transfer the ownership of .psd to Team Venom
  • All submissions must be sent in a .png format
  • Only once the winner is selected will they be required to send the .psd
  • Winner also agrees that all ownership and rights to images are transferred to Team Venom.
  • If there are no contributions that fit our need or taste, we reserve the right to extend or cancel the contest at will
  • Contest will end at 11:59 PM (23:59) on August 31st, 2014 EST (unless otherwise changed by Venom team members)
  • All participants must be 18 years of age or older (or if under 18, must present proof of parental consent, legal reasons, guys. Sorry for the hassle)
  • By submitting any work to this contest, you agree to all terms and any violation of terms will result in a disqualification


Lastly, you’re probably wondering where to submit them to. Well, we got you covered. All submissions go to Please include all parts of your submission in one email (easier for us to keep track of). We very much look forward to seeing what our fans can come up with.



Exciting (We Hope) Series In The Works

What’s up my fellow Venom-heads!
We here at Team Venom are wanting to put together a project for you guys and part of that is to help you guys get to know the developers behind some of your favorite ROMs. We’re planning on running an interview series with some developers. Initially it’s going to be mainly Venom developers but we have a few others we want to talk to as well. We feel this is important to the users when they can kinda get to know the people behind the code. Makes it more personal. To do this we want some input from our faithful users and anyone who just wants to  find out who these people are.
Our very own Sree (nitephlight) had this to say in our discussion:
We’d love for this series to be a “meet the dev and here’s the *why* behind the what”, an inspirational look those devs on XDA you swoon over as a noob with 5 posts. Lord knows it’s not always easy to communicate with devs or so much as receive a response sometimes. The release of our new website at is the first of many ideas the team has to engage our users. We’d love for you to help further this goal!
Please we want to see your opinions! What do you want to know from the developers that make our phones great. Leave your questions in the comments below and if we find any really good ones, you might get a shout out.

Team Venom Begins Work On 4.4.3

Venom users rejoice! HTC has finally let us in on their 4.4.3/4.4.4 update plans and has announced that 4.4.3 will be the last update prior to the upgrade to Android L, unless they find any major issues that require their immediate attention.

You guys are probably wondering, what happened to the 4.4.4 update? Well HTC has gone ahead and merged the small 4.4.4 security updates into their 4.4.3 OTA, which was easier to accomplish than re-running the whole OTA engineering process. As of now the HTC One Developer Edition has already received the 4.4.3 OTA and the new version number is 6.17.1540.1.

4.4.3 update

The Unlocked editions of the HTC One M8 are also set to receive the 4.4.3 OTA by the end of this week, while the carrier versions of the HTC One M8 are also targeted for the end of this month (with the Sprint HTC One M8 already having received their OTA).

Mo  moversi  on Twitter


What does this mean for Venom? Well we have already begun to work on the new HTC One M7 base and Venom’s update for 4.4.3 is in the works. As for the HTC One M8, we will begin working on it as soon as the OTA is launched by HTC.

We hope you are all excited about the updates and bugfixes to come because we sure are.

Other than that, same rule as always: no ETA questions.




Team Venom needs your support

Team Venom is searching searching dedicated people to join the the “Venom Support” Team.
Your major task will me to reply questions in our ticketsystem:

Read more

Team Venom: Your friendly neighborhood Viper…

or why Team Venom runs this site

Here at, Team Venom can discuss stuff we couldn’t easily over at XDA. We are aiming for a quite transparent “brand” image and we try to be in touch with Venom users as much as we can. And of course, we want you to remember Team Venom with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Our biggest inspiration, HTC, answered the usual questions on transparency and quality in a unique way lately. These questions are a common phenomenon in the tech world, yet HTC’s answer was a daring move. Read up on their strategy here. I will try to outline our take on it.

The main reason, why developers appear to be hard to reach out to is this: our developers work hard on features and each PM or Email they have to answer, withdraws time and focus  from coding (and family). They do get a lot of support requests. Unlike in many other ROM teams, we are lucky enough to have some programmers-by-trade. As such, they work to actually create new code instead of remixing existing code. That is a huge difference and eats a LOT of time. Time they again need to take away from their families. Since one of our core philosophies is creativity, we acknowledge that this very creativity needs space, time, peace. It will die under pressure.

This new page is our (renewed) attempt to offer a friendly and uncomplicated way to talk to us without withdrawing actual development time. Here, you will meet people associated with the team as well as the developers themselves sometimes, hence reducing the load on everyone. With time, we will also fill up the “Get started” and basic info pages. Our goal is to eventually provide just as much info in an just as easy way and a team of nice people you can talk to. While you hang out with us here or on our IRC channel #venomroms on or talk to us on the various XDA threads, the devs can focus on coding, compiling, porting, tuning. We will be the ones watching their backs and providing a voice and face to the team.

Another core reason to have this site is the sheer size of XDA’s userbase. While XDA was founded as a true developer hub, it has lately transformed into a “public service place” where people go to get their benefits for their phone. For free. Accordingly, the attitude developers often meet over there is quite off putting. While the team is not generally refusing to discuss negative aspects of their products, a reasonable dialogue often turns into a flaming nightmare on XDA. Our G+ and Facebook communities again are a little friendlier but those sites are harder to discuss on.

The answer to that is yet again, this page. Here, we expect people to hang out who actually want to talk to us. People who take the incredible effort to click the hyperlinks and follow through to here. Enthusiastic people. We expect less flaming and more reasonable discussion because we get the time and space to explain why things are the way they are. Big promises, i know. But then again, who does not dare, does not win and without a proper dialogue, we have no transparency, no understanding and just a bad image.

And most importantly, we need a home place. Every developer will feel as guest on XDA after a while. An honored and welcome guest, but a guest nonetheless.  But the feeling of not actually having a “Home” in the hood makes the snake sad. It needs its own rock to sleep under. And it needs its own mask too.

So, to sum up the purposes of this site we actually have three capital pillars, namely

– A face to the name that aligns nicely with our current design language

– Transparency (visibility of what we do)

– Direct user relations (which are meant to supplement, not replace XDA’s ROM threads)


Enjoy the ride!