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Team Venom is searching searching dedicated people to join the the “Venom Support” Team.
Your major task will me to reply questions in our ticketsystem:

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Team Venom: Your friendly neighborhood Viper…

or why Team Venom runs this site

Here at, Team Venom can discuss stuff we couldn’t easily over at XDA. We are aiming for a quite transparent “brand” image and we try to be in touch with Venom users as much as we can. And of course, we want you to remember Team Venom with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Our biggest inspiration, HTC, answered the usual questions on transparency and quality in a unique way lately. These questions are a common phenomenon in the tech world, yet HTC’s answer was a daring move. Read up on their strategy here. I will try to outline our take on it.

The main reason, why developers appear to be hard to reach out to is this: our developers work hard on features and each PM or Email they have to answer, withdraws time and focus  from coding (and family). They do get a lot of support requests. Unlike in many other ROM teams, we are lucky enough to have some programmers-by-trade. As such, they work to actually create new code instead of remixing existing code. That is a huge difference and eats a LOT of time. Time they again need to take away from their families. Since one of our core philosophies is creativity, we acknowledge that this very creativity needs space, time, peace. It will die under pressure.

This new page is our (renewed) attempt to offer a friendly and uncomplicated way to talk to us without withdrawing actual development time. Here, you will meet people associated with the team as well as the developers themselves sometimes, hence reducing the load on everyone. With time, we will also fill up the “Get started” and basic info pages. Our goal is to eventually provide just as much info in an just as easy way and a team of nice people you can talk to. While you hang out with us here or on our IRC channel #venomroms on or talk to us on the various XDA threads, the devs can focus on coding, compiling, porting, tuning. We will be the ones watching their backs and providing a voice and face to the team.

Another core reason to have this site is the sheer size of XDA’s userbase. While XDA was founded as a true developer hub, it has lately transformed into a “public service place” where people go to get their benefits for their phone. For free. Accordingly, the attitude developers often meet over there is quite off putting. While the team is not generally refusing to discuss negative aspects of their products, a reasonable dialogue often turns into a flaming nightmare on XDA. Our G+ and Facebook communities again are a little friendlier but those sites are harder to discuss on.

The answer to that is yet again, this page. Here, we expect people to hang out who actually want to talk to us. People who take the incredible effort to click the hyperlinks and follow through to here. Enthusiastic people. We expect less flaming and more reasonable discussion because we get the time and space to explain why things are the way they are. Big promises, i know. But then again, who does not dare, does not win and without a proper dialogue, we have no transparency, no understanding and just a bad image.

And most importantly, we need a home place. Every developer will feel as guest on XDA after a while. An honored and welcome guest, but a guest nonetheless.  But the feeling of not actually having a “Home” in the hood makes the snake sad. It needs its own rock to sleep under. And it needs its own mask too.

So, to sum up the purposes of this site we actually have three capital pillars, namely

– A face to the name that aligns nicely with our current design language

– Transparency (visibility of what we do)

– Direct user relations (which are meant to supplement, not replace XDA’s ROM threads)


Enjoy the ride!


Who Is Team Venom?? We’ll Tell You

You may be curious as to who all is behind the scenes making everything work; who’s spending countless hours making this ROM we all know and love function in all its buttery glory; who goes on and writes these goofy news stories; how the team even started. You might even wonder why we do what we do. You may not care, but I’m gonna tell you anyway.


Here at Team Venom, we strive for excellence in the products we present to the end users, and as part of that excellence, we also make an effort to be transparent with our users. Most people aren’t going to know what all goes into maintaining a ROM such as this, or how much time is poured into this project by all in the team.


In order to help users get a feel for who we are, and what we’re about, we’ve established a few different pages on the site letting you know a little bit of who we are. We also have a forum page for introductions, where anyone can post to introduce yourself.


So here are a couple helpful and interesting links to get you up to date on Team Venom’s happenings:

As well as some links to Team Members:


Also, if  you are interested at all in contributing, you can fill out the developer application located here.



Venom Developer Application

We are searching new developers for our team, that support us mainly on new devices but if required also on existing devices.

If you fulfill following requirements:

  • got coding skills and experience
  • got a good portion of humor
  • touch your phone more than your wife or girlfriend
  • love venom
  • search a new challenge


..then don’t waste any second and go to the Venom Developer Application form and send us your application.



Multitasking… Unleash the Viper

Everybody likes multitasking, on PC, at work and on the go on the Phone. True, there are some devices with good Multitasking abilities but the devices are big and bulky. With the HTC One M8 was that not possable…… Til now!!!

The out of the box phone is already top of the line but this is the cherry on the top. Same Hardware but worlds appart in Performance,

This Video speaks for itself. The Samsung S5 with the same 2.3 GHz Chip and a higher clock freq. is far back in the shadows of the M8 in conjunction with the Viper Rom

Z_Jomant Did_you_know_Tips: Did you know that when you pull down the Status Bar and long press one of the Icons like the Bluetooth, WIFI or GPS icon that it will automatically opens the option menu for you! 



Welcome to the new home of Team Venom!

We are actively redesigning the site, please be patient with us while we do so.