ViperOneM8 3.0.0 with Android 4.4.4 available for you

An update is available for your m8. It’s based on the latest 3.28.401.7 base running Android 4.4.4.

Ensure you update your firmware to the latest one. Instructions you will find here:
ViperOneM8 3.0.0 requirements

…othewise your phone won’t boot.

Notice: No support for verizon and sprint in that release. Once Sprint and verizon releases a 4.4.4 based rom, supported will be readded.

[HTCOneM8] ViperOneM8_3.0.0 Requirements

First things first: the new 3.0 ROM will NOT boot in combination 2.xx Firmware. You will need 3.xx firmware. This means, no carrier or model will be able to run ViperOneM8_3.0.0 until they have received their 4.4.4 official HTC OTA.  The ROM is not available yet – this post is preparing the upcoming release!

So, let’s get to it.

Like outlined in my earlier 4.4.3 Firmware post, you will be able to choose from one of two strategies and be tied to one strategy if you are S-ON. This post is a re-write with updated information.

  • #1 Go back to complete stock, grab HTC’s OTA, come back to viper. (For S-ON users) 
  • #2  Go find yourself a trustworthy firmware source (Yes, mine of course), kill your device, burn it right to the ground, leave nothing on it, rebuild it with Viper.


Method #1 is pretty straightforward and reasonably safe, you can be done within an hour, depending on how fast you  download OTA’s. It works for all carriers that have received the 4.4.4 update.

  1. Backup everything that is important for you. Location: SD Card, but safer would be to your PC.
  2. FIND OUT YOUR FIRMWARE VERSION: boot to fastboot (either press Power and VolUp, then VolDown to force reboot or use adb reboot bootloader), once in fastboot mode, run “fastboot getvar all” and read what it says where the line “MainVer” is. Take note of that version number (alternatively, look at what your Bootloader says at the “OS:” line). NOTICE: if you are currently using TWRP 2.7.xx, this information will be broken! The only way to find out your firmware is to look at the Radio version and have a guess by comparing with available RUU downloads across the forum – the RUU’s have the radio version in their name, so you can tell!
  3. Go to Mr. Hofs thread and download a Stock Backup that is corresponding with your current firmware version or older, but not newer (else you might be missing out an important in-between OTA). Also download the corresponding or a close stock recovery. Make sure both got the same SKU (x.xx.401.x) as your phone. Those three numbers delimit the region the phone is for and the software it runs.
  4. Flash the stock backup with your TWRP. Then flash the stock recovery in fastboot right afterwards. Detailed instructions on both are available in Mr. Hofs thread
  5. Once you have rebooted into the now stock device, do a very basic setup, just don’t waste any time, you don’t want to stay there. Then check for updates in Settings –> Info –> Software updates. Let the phone update itself until you receive “No update available”. The last update MUST start with a “3”, e.g be 3.28.401.6 or else the new ROM will NOT work. As long as your carrier or HTC hasn’t released a 3.xx update for your device, you can only refer to method #2 and S-OFF your device.
  6. After the last update, boot straight back to bootloader and fastboot flash TWRP (yes, no older version please! This one has important fixes!) Should be out by the time we release the ROM, choose that one!
  7. Now you can flash ViperOneM8_3.0.0 onto your phone and enjoy the brand new ROM or you can as well restore your ViperOneM8_2.5.0 backup you of course made before you started 😉


Method #2 offers a little more flexibility but requires S-OFF. It guarantees a fresh start and you have to expect the least bugs. It can – in some cases – be used for those who have not gotten an official OTA update, yet run a “normal” GSM phone. Many GSM models actually run very similar firmware and can interchange. Example: AT&T can run official WWE firmware, as can Asia-WWE, the US “Unlocked” and “Dev Edition”. Most European carriers can run the WWE/International too, probably T-Mobile US with some limitations like no WiFi calling. Sprint and Verizon will NEVER be able to run any GSM firmware however. Don’t even try! Can permanently damage your device.

For further compatibilty you will have to research on XDA – there should be plenty of user experiences across the fora.

WARNING: My thread covers only GSM International / WWE /x.xx.401.x Firmware and very rarely, if i come across it, other variants. The Method itself works on all variants but my files cannot be used on Sprint and Verizon and may cause trouble on some networks / in some countries!


– knowledge how to use ADB and Fastboot would be good Use my Task Script for secondary stuff for now. Or else, use Google to learn how to use it.

– Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2008 x86 edition – for the FUU

– Task Batch Script collection from HERE. (installs VCRedist automatically, so you don’t really need to download it), install it.

– HTC Sync Manager – install, then remove again! You only need the drivers, the software is BAD. When removing, drivers stay!


  1. Go to my thread.
  2. Download the latest (3.28.401.6) as FullWipe version and drop it into the folder C:\Android\com (created by the Task Script installer!) and rename it to or
  3. Download ViperOneM8_3.0.0 and put it on your external SD card  or some USB OTG device.
  4. Hook Phone to PC, then double-click “ARUWizard.exe” in the same folder and follow the prompts.
  5. Once done, reflash TWRP by either reflashing my “NoWipe” firmware which includes it or from’s site or using my Task Script C:\Android\Tasker_1.2.1.bat and the option to flash TWRP.
  6. Last, boot into TWRP and flash ViperOneM8_3.0.0 from the card.


That’s it! Now you can set up your new ROM and copy back your backups. Have fun.

You can find info on errors and more in my thread as well, posts 1 through to 5.


[[Below are some explanatory notes, which file under the “To long; Didn’t read” part but i suggest you do read it.]]
  • The term “Firmware” describes everything that is not the ROM or Kernel or Recovery. We regard those three as independent  parts, while we call the rest of the all in all 47 partitions  on your HTC One M8 (37 on the M7)  “Firmware”. A HTC Update (via OTA or RUU) usually updates anything between 3 and 25 of those partitions. The remaining partitions are either  empty or contain device specific data and cannot be updated.
  • This time, you have to update the Firmware. We do not know the reason and are not going to investigate it, but failing to update firmware when going to flash a 4.4.4 ROM will lead to a non-booting ROM.
  • ART seems to work worse on any firmware  1.xx. IF you want to try ART (we don’t like it yet, we suggest you keep running dalvik), again, the firmware update is important.
  • For method #1: People running an outdated TWRP (2.7.x.x and below) are likely not going to get the MainVer via the outlined method (in my 4.4.3 Firmware post), as TWRP kills this info (a fix is available since If you fail to see a version number behind “OS:” in your bootloader, your MainVer will be empty too and you need to find out by remembering which update you took last before first flashing a custom ROM. This would very likely be 1.54 or the related carrier versions. Go by that version then when selecting a stock backup.
  • For method #1: It is not overly important to have  the stock backup, stock recovery and MainVer match up but we recommend it to avoid complications.
  • For method #1: If you are already S-OFF and changed to SuperCID, OTA’s might fail and you might need to write back your original CID (or even MID if you happened to change that) The command for writing your CID is: fastboot oem writecid (replace with your CID, needs be 8 digits long, else it will fail). MID can only be changed via a hex edit to the respective partition. Method outlined by Scotty1223 on XDA (links are for One M8 only!). Scotty1223 also has this method available to change back your CID in case writecid fails – it doesn’t work for some reason sometimes.
  • For method #1: If you’re unlocked, doesn’t matter how you got the unlock, you might need to revert that to flash a stock OTA. The command to relock your bootloader is fastboot oem lock. Do that only if the OTA fails with some odd error code.
  • Method #1 and method #2 can both brick your phone. The only difference in regards of bricking risk is, that you entirely rely on HTC’s streamlined update process without much interfering with method #1, so the sources for user errors are lower. But still, since the actual flash is still the same, you can also experience bricks with a HTC OTA. It has happened in the past and it will happen again. Nothing I, we or you can do about except be very careful.
  • Remember that, at the time of writing, there only was an update for international (x.xx.401.x) available! Sprint and Verizon have no way to update just yet and other carriers need to figure out themselves if they can switch to an international firmware.

Hope i could help you get a basic idea. You can find much more info over on XDA, usually in the General, Help and Dev sections.

Tell us something about you!

With our new venomroms website we tried and still trying to tell you more about us.
We setup all devs, themers and other important people with little profiles here:

Have a general section describing the Team and its philosophy and told you something about the history of Team Venom, how all started and what people were involved at the very beginning.

The aim of all this is, to show you who we are –  actually really normal people like you – and bring you Team Venom nearer to the community.


Now what about you, our faithfully users?

  • Are you are 20 or 40 years old smartphone nerd?
  • Are you studying, worker or boss of a bigger company?
  • What are you doing in your freetime? Playing football or doing another sports?


Either comment in facbeook, our blog or put sth. in the “Who am I thread”.

We are excited

Design Contest Winner Announced!

On August the 14th we announced the start of the Design Contest. We appealed to the community to create a new design for Team Venom.

The end of the contest was the 31st of August.

The first submissions took a while, in the first week there was just one submission and we weren’t very confident that we would get many more submissions and especially ones that we like and would use as new design.

The nearer the deadline came the more submissions we got and at the end we had 8 submissions.

One of them was from XDA member lemonbush (yes her account is just a few days old….she didn’t have one before and quickly created one, when we asked her for her XDA account).

She, yes it’s a woman that beat 7 other male designers (shame on you), created a clean flat sense 6 adapted style and colors. We liked her design very much and it didn’t take long for us to decide the winner of the contest.

A few personal words from her:

“I really enjoyed helping with this, it feels nice contributing to the community in a way.
The prize will go straight towards my device-upgrade piggy bank”

Her work you can see below:

(Click the image for a higher resolution)


In order for the other designers to not seem unappreciated, we decided to also reward a second winner. That second winner won’t be picked by us however, but YOU (YES YOU!) get to decide who is the runner up. Here are the designs for the voting:

Design 1
Designed from Lamaan M.
xda profile ilamaan
Design 2
Designed from Eric P.
xda profile
Design 3
Designed from Johannes H.
xda profile menfisher
Design 4
Designed from Kalin B.
xda profile archibrid
Design 5
Designed from Hasan K.
xda profile Hasan94
Design 6
Designed from Leonardo M.
xda profile mrbrown93
Design 7
Designed from adammo666
xda profile adammo666


Vote your favourite design:

(End of voting is the Sunday, 14th September)

This poll is closed! Poll activity:
start_date 09-01-2014 09:12:14
end_date 14-09-2014 11:59:59
Poll Results:
Vote your favorite design


ViperOne 7.0.0 Release – HTC One M7 Get’s 4.4.3 Update Early (You’re Welcome)

The wait is finally over!!! You guys have been asking for an updated release for a while now, and well…. the time has come. Consider it an early gift ;). ViperOne 7.0.0 is here for your tinkering hearts to enjoy. In case you haven’t seen it yet, we have the change log here:

ViperOne 7.0.0 (August 29)

Re-based on official m7 Sense 6.0 6.09.401.5


  • Added T-Moble Wifi Calling, ported from m8
  • Added Venom Keyboard skins
  • Added back VenomAppInstaller
  • Added SOS Function to HTC Flashlight
  • Added VenomPackageInstaller
  • Added kernel customisation support to tweaks (requires update from your kernel dev)
  • Added PnP control to CPU tab
  • Added Venom category with venom apps to native settings
  • Added customization of Extreme Powersaver Launcher shortcuts
  • Added Extreme Powersaver to APM
  • Added longpress power custom actions
  • Added ability to show/hide venom apps in native settings
  • Added force new task exclusion list
  • Added back key action to 3 finger gestures
  • Added NFC to “hide specific statusbar icons”
  • Unlocked all widgets for lockscreen (again)


  • Fixed force new task exclusion list
  • Fxed Smallapps showing updates in playstore
  • Fixed freeze when wiping dalvik cache in VenomTweaks
  • Fixed custom autobrightness
  • Fixed Blinkfeed FC on adding RSS from browser
  • Prevent recording a bugreport and give a warning when logcat functionality has been disabled


  • Updated all VenomApps to use HTC Theme Colors
  • Updated VenomHUB
    – Registration required
    – rate and comment items on the hub
    – download count of individual items
    – sorting items by download count and rating
    – system notifications for news, ota, new and updated items
    – venom news blinkfeed service
  • Updated VenomSidebar
    – fixed open on touch setting opening also on swipe
    – added panel custom color option
    – added swipe to open setting
    – added min swipe distance
  • Updated VenomTweaks
    – Visual and code improvements
  • General aroma clean up, improvements and additions

Already only a few hours into it being released, you guys have maxed out bandwidth on the main server. Jan received this message from AndroidFileHost earlier today:

Just wanted to let you know due to your recent FTP uploads being so
popular you are maxing out our NY servers port 😛 So it is going to
take an hour to sync it to the other servers due to the slow
speeds/maxed port.

Ill do my best to speed it along so your users get better speeds.

You Venom-Heads are definitely enthusiastic. We appreciate all your support, and we really think you’re gonna like the ROM. Check out the change log, and GO DOWNLOAD!!

As usual, any issues or bugs you come across, send us a support request through the ticket system.

CONTEST TIME!!!! – Logo Redesign

We are in need of a new logo, so we want you to get involved; this means time for a contest!!

Our old logo has to go, it’s too old and it’s time for a complete OVERHAUL. We decided, why not let the community pitch in? We know you don’t all develop, and if you’re like me, don’t even theme. But we also know that plenty of you mess around in Photoshop enough to come up with something. To whoever wins this, we want to give back in thanks to you. One lucky winner will receive a prize of $300 (USD)!!


Here’s what items are needed:

  • Logo
  • Signature Template
  • Avatar Template
  • OP Banner
  • Thread Headings
  • Facebook Banner (must be 851 x 315)

As I stated before, we’re looking for a major overhaul here. Overall color scheme (black and red) should stay the same, but the images are up to you.

Now that we have the fun stuff out of the way, time for some contest rules:

  • All submissions must contain all parts of submission, once winner is picked you can make any final changes needed with our input
  • Images must be original content, nothing pre-made (or searched from Google ya dingus)
  • The winner will be required to transfer the ownership of .psd to Team Venom
  • All submissions must be sent in a .png format
  • Only once the winner is selected will they be required to send the .psd
  • Winner also agrees that all ownership and rights to images are transferred to Team Venom.
  • If there are no contributions that fit our need or taste, we reserve the right to extend or cancel the contest at will
  • Contest will end at 11:59 PM (23:59) on August 31st, 2014 EST (unless otherwise changed by Venom team members)
  • All participants must be 18 years of age or older (or if under 18, must present proof of parental consent, legal reasons, guys. Sorry for the hassle)
  • By submitting any work to this contest, you agree to all terms and any violation of terms will result in a disqualification


Lastly, you’re probably wondering where to submit them to. Well, we got you covered. All submissions go to Please include all parts of your submission in one email (easier for us to keep track of). We very much look forward to seeing what our fans can come up with.



Firmware and the new Android 4.4.3

This is about the firmware problem with the 4.4.3 Base change. We have seen a fair few confused requests, reports, tickets and a public response is needed, although Team Venom does not usually deal with firmware issues.

To update your firmware, basically, you do have two basic strategies available:

  • #1 Go back to complete stock, grab HTC’s OTA, come back to viper.
  • #2  Go find yourself a trustworthy firmware source (Yes, mine of course), kill your device, burn it right to the ground, leave nothing on it, rebuild it with Viper.

Method #1 is pretty straightforward and reasonably safe, should be done within an hour at max, depending on how fast you find and download stuff. It works for all carriers that have received the 4.4.3 update.

Method #2 can take longer, requires S-OFF but is more entertaining. It guarantees a fresh start and you have to expect the least bugs. If you encounter bugs after such a nuclear wipe-out, they’re probably real.  It can – in most cases – be used for those who have not gotten an official OTA update, yet run a “normal” GSM phone.

I will only outline method #1 here.

Method #1

Requirements: knowledge how to use ADB and Fastboot (comandline toolset in my thread, section: “manual zip flash how to”, look for Android Tasks Batch Script). Else, use Google to learn how to use it.

Step 1: boot to fastboot (either press Power and VolUp, then VolDown to force reboot or use adb reboot bootloader), once in fastboot mode, run “fastboot getvar all” and read what it says where the line “MainVer” is. Take note of that version number (alternatively, look at what your Bootloader says at the “OS:” line).

Step 2: head over to Mr. Hof’s stock backup thread and get a backup corresponding to your MainVer, plus the fitting stock recovery. There’s more info and instructions there too.

Step 3: first, copy that backup to your external  or internal sdcard. Restore it with your existing TWRP/CWM recovery. Then boot back to fastboot, flash the stock recovery (fastboot flash recovery <nameofrecovery.img> (replace that with your stock recovery’s filename without the <>). Wipe the recovery cache by typing fastboot erase cache right after the recovery flash finishes.

Step 4: boot back to your (now stock) android and skip through setup, insert a wifi key so you get good network if required, then let the phone search for an OTA in Settings/About/Software Updates. If there is one on offer, get it. Notice: at the time of writing, both T-Mobile US and Verizon’s 4.4.3 Updates were not available yet, but announced.

Step 5: copy to your ext or int card. Download TWRP at‘s site. Make sure you ABSOLUTELY get the right one – there’s an INT/GSM, a VZW and a Sprint version. Do not interchange. Everyone not on Sprint or VZW choose INT/GSM.

Step 6: boot to fastboot like in step 1, place the TWRP image in your fastboot directory and run the command: fastboot flash recovery <nameofrecovery.img> (replace that with the downloaded image name).  Then run fastboot erase cache right after the flash. Now reboot to recovery (use VolUp and VolDown to navigate the bootloader menu and press power to confirm), then flash ViperOneM8 the way you are used to.

Now you should be all set.

Method #2:

Step 1:  Read my thread –  where you can learn to play with the more exciting things (it can brick your phone! Yay!)

IMPORTANT: My thread mainly covers GSM International phones (Software versions with x.xx.401.x) – you may need to dig through XDA for other region codes. I usually try to cover all regions i can get firmware from, but lately, my time was too limited to dig them all up. If you are wanting a specific firmware package though, you can hit me up over at XDA (Sneakyghost) and point me towards what you found already and i will try to put something together for you that’s reasonably safe, or you just trust other sources.

Firmware TL;DR

Do you really expect us to help you if you don’t read all this ****?

[[Below are some explanatory notes, which file under the “To long; Didn’t read” part but i suggest you do read it.]]

Read more

Exciting (We Hope) Series In The Works

What’s up my fellow Venom-heads!
We here at Team Venom are wanting to put together a project for you guys and part of that is to help you guys get to know the developers behind some of your favorite ROMs. We’re planning on running an interview series with some developers. Initially it’s going to be mainly Venom developers but we have a few others we want to talk to as well. We feel this is important to the users when they can kinda get to know the people behind the code. Makes it more personal. To do this we want some input from our faithful users and anyone who just wants to  find out who these people are.
Our very own Sree (nitephlight) had this to say in our discussion:
We’d love for this series to be a “meet the dev and here’s the *why* behind the what”, an inspirational look those devs on XDA you swoon over as a noob with 5 posts. Lord knows it’s not always easy to communicate with devs or so much as receive a response sometimes. The release of our new website at is the first of many ideas the team has to engage our users. We’d love for you to help further this goal!
Please we want to see your opinions! What do you want to know from the developers that make our phones great. Leave your questions in the comments below and if we find any really good ones, you might get a shout out.

Team Venom Begins Work On 4.4.3

Venom users rejoice! HTC has finally let us in on their 4.4.3/4.4.4 update plans and has announced that 4.4.3 will be the last update prior to the upgrade to Android L, unless they find any major issues that require their immediate attention.

You guys are probably wondering, what happened to the 4.4.4 update? Well HTC has gone ahead and merged the small 4.4.4 security updates into their 4.4.3 OTA, which was easier to accomplish than re-running the whole OTA engineering process. As of now the HTC One Developer Edition has already received the 4.4.3 OTA and the new version number is 6.17.1540.1.

4.4.3 update

The Unlocked editions of the HTC One M8 are also set to receive the 4.4.3 OTA by the end of this week, while the carrier versions of the HTC One M8 are also targeted for the end of this month (with the Sprint HTC One M8 already having received their OTA).

Mo  moversi  on Twitter


What does this mean for Venom? Well we have already begun to work on the new HTC One M7 base and Venom’s update for 4.4.3 is in the works. As for the HTC One M8, we will begin working on it as soon as the OTA is launched by HTC.

We hope you are all excited about the updates and bugfixes to come because we sure are.

Other than that, same rule as always: no ETA questions.




Happy 420…err Bday Zanzibar!!

Zanzibar is one of our beta testers and it’s his birthday today.
We wish him all the best, lots of presents, tasty cakes and healthiness.