Infamous Verizon < 10% Battery Lag Fixed

We finally found the bug that appeared for Verizon users when the battery goes below 10%. The device started lagging as hell then and was totally unusable.

That bug was around since the m7 days and thanks to a hint from bschram we finally were able to find the culprit and fix it.


The fix is available for the M8 and M9 in the Hotfixes Section of VenomHUB.

ViperOneM9 1.2.0 released – Verizon support added


  • Added Verizon support
  • Added back POLARIS Office
  • Usecured boot.img
  • Added Download Mode to APM
  • Updated Hub Icons
  • Removed more unnecessary files
  • Updated all /system and /data apps


  • Fixed Powersaver icon not dissapearing when disabling it
  • Fixed incorrect battery icon showing in VenomTweaks Battery theming
  • Fixed mixed up up/down traffic in info line
  • Fixed changing lockscreen carrier label requiring reboot
  • Fixed “Use JB Toast”
  • Fixed disabling volume buttons sound
  • Fixed missplaced appdrawer icon when switching from landscape to portrait
  • Fixed custom MMS sizes
  • Fixed Homescreen Menu items opening wrong actions
  • Fixed Recovery Installations for VenomHub Addons
  • Fixed duplicated apps issue in data/app (Full wipe only)
  • Fixed AROMA widgets removal
  • Fixed hiding htc sync icon not working

ViperOneM9 for HTC One M9 Sprint available

That was fast, wasn’t it? (-:

Enjoy you muricans 😀

WANTED! Beta Testers on HTC ONE M9.

If you are experienced with flashing roms, adb, can pull logcats, understand my german humoar and think you would be the right one to beta test our ViperOneM9, then contact me @ xda here
Please don’t contact me if you are just interested to get roms early and don’t have the intention to test…because then you are sooner out of the beta team than you can say “Südsiljanische Breitarschantilope”

M9 Devices Fund: $1,140/$2,500 reached! Two devices ordered.

One week has passed since we started the fund for additional M9 devices and amazing $1,140.00 got donated so far! Thank you so much, you are awesome! We really didn’t expect that amount of donations in that short time.

With the money that was on the Team Paypal before we were able to buy two devices today that will go to ivicask and shnizlon. The next devices will go to m0narx and hansbert if the goal can be reached.

Thank you – M9 Fund for additional Devices, 684$ of 2500$ reached

Hey our faithful users!

We want to say ‘Thank You‘ for all the donations that came in so far. Didn’t really expect so many users are willing to support us to get additional devices for some more developers to speed up the ViperOneM9 Development.

The past three days 42 donations came in so far and in the sum we already have 684$, so nearly one device for ivicask, shnizlon, hansbert or another developer

j to the 4n already got his HTC One M9, but can’t properly start on the development without ivicask and/or shnizlon preparing the Rom Base first. If you always thought about it giving us back something for the thousands of hours spent into development and support, then now it’s a good time to, especially because it’s or your own advantage! …of course just if you want to get the HTC One M9 and want to run your beloved viper powered rom on it 😀

Cheers Team Venom



Donation Fund for additional HTC M9 Devices

We spend a lot of time and effort bringing you the “Venom Experience” on your devices. Sometimes that means totally sacrificing our freetime for a longer time before a release and take into account, that our wifes, girlfriends, family, friends…and yes also some rubber dolls don’t get that much attention as they deserve. Still we offer and always will offer our work 100% for free, although we have runing costs for servers, devices, software and more.

The financial situation isn’t as good as in the past year for some of our devs because of private changes…most also got the m8 in a 24month contract and need to buy the m9 out of contract now.

So please help us getting some additional devices for our developers, to be able to bring you ViperOneM9 as fast as possible.

Read More

One device is already preordered by one of the main devs (j to the 4n), so ViperOneM9 will definitely happen. He is responsible for VenomTweaks and modifying the HTC Sense framework behind it. Turge will definitely get one too, he is our scripting god an responsible for the majority of stuff you can do with the statusbar, quicksettings and notifications pulldown.

All the rom work on the m7 and m8 was completely done by ivicask and shnizlon though. That covers getting the roms to boot at first, AROMA Installer, Build Scripts optimizations, adding multicarrier support (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile US) and more, without them having the device the progress on ViperOneM9 will be pretty slow till we have a first version out.

There are more ‘behind the scenes’ though that could need some financial support, maybe we can get finally m0narx on board on the current flagship. He is responsible for VenomHub and all his backend, major code in the framework you use with VenomTweaks. Currently he is rewriting the whole Hub backend:

He just added support for user uploads, wrote the API for our future Browser/Desktop VenomHub market…without him TeamVenom really wouldn’t be what is is.

Scrolling wallpaper and sense 4 weather animations? That’s the work of hansbert, as well as all other stuff you can do.on your homescreen or appdrawer. He’s currently busy with uni and his master degree in mechanical engineering.

Some other central people that spend an enormous time and effort are Basil3 and Sneakyghost. Basil3 is our main themer and responsible for most of the themes and hub content you use. Sneakyghost manages the support team, is our firmware bitch and leads our beta testers.

Any donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Beta Testing starts on m7

The porting on the m7 is done and the beta testing can start at the weekend.

We expect less issues though, because the m7 profits really a lot of the work done on the m8 already.

So the release for the m7 shouldn’t be that far away.


What you will get:


Some highlights and new exclusive features of the new release:




ViperOneM8 4.1.0 Available

ViperOneM8 4.1.0 (February 18th)

  • Added htc_m8tl support
  • Fixed menu staying visible when an app reveals it
  • Fixed venompie not applying changes immediately
  • Fixed venompie not being able to start apps
  • Fixed heqs 2g setting showing wrong icon
  • Fixed miui batter bar not remembering auto regular, medium and low color
  • Fixed showing missing simcard icon when Verizon signal icons are selected
  • Fixed distorted data usage icon
  • Fixed wrong sprint activation icon
  • Fixed VenomSuperUser not granting su to several apps (e.g. Clean Master)
  • Fixed notifications tint color
  • Fixed dataicon showing while wifi is on on vzw and sprint?
  • Fixed some kernel tweaks applying, altough kernel tab disabled
  • Fixed data icon staying visible on AT&T and TMOUS if data is disabled (HTC bug!)
  • Fixed missing blinkfeed weather icon
  • Fixed quick flashlight – longpress to toggle
  • Fixed venomhub not rebooting into recovery automatically
  • Added auto fix of sdcard issue
  • Added sdcard fix command to VenomTweaks-Advanced
  • Added SELinux Mode changer to VenomTweaks-Advanced
  • Added Hacked Pie changer to VenomTweaks-Advanced
  • Added back signal icons and battery on the left
  • Enabled powersaver for verizon
  • Add back always display data icon (works for vzw/sprint/tmous)
  • Added hiding sprint gps icon/hide gps off icon
  • Added back volume down screen off
  • Added back block volume keys on locksceen
  • Added Status bar icon showing also on on lock screen
  • Added disabling AT&T status bar carrier label
  • Added Battery can now be hidden on lockscreen


Available as OTA: Settings->About->Software Update


Fullroms will be soon available here.