Team Venom wishes you a Merry Christmas

..enjoy the time with your families and the too good and most of the times too much food.
May Santa have a lot of nice presents for you!

Team Venom


The whole team wishes you a happy bday, lots of presents, all health and luck on earth andthat all you desire comes true.

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An Embarrassing Moment to Share

So I was at work and deep in my “coding mode” when suddenly my phone began to ring. It was my wife. I looked at the clock…”SHIT!!” I immediately shut down my PC by long-pressing the power button, there wasn’t time to shut it down the clean way. I ran out of the my office, said quickly “Goodbye” to by boss when I passed his office out of the building. I had 5 mins to get to the tram, normally I need 7 mins If I walk normally.

Luckily I made it in time. 25 minutes later I arrived at the station where I would meet my wife…she was already waiting. I gave her a kiss then she said: “How the hell do you look like?” I just said: “What, why?”.

Then she looked down to my shoes and so did I afterwards….


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“OMG!!!” In the rush I accidentely mixed up one of my flipflops with one of my slippers. I began to laugh and found it pretty funny but embarrassing at the same time. =D


Have you had a similarly embarrassing but also funny moment? Share it with us!