[POLL] Multiuser support on ViperOneM8

Mutliuser support was introduced by google back in 2012, just for tablets though.
With Android L that feature made it also to our smartphones.

That feature wasn’t fully implemented by HTC though for our M8. So far ViperOneM8 is the only rom with fully working multiuser support and the mutliuser switcher in the statusbar. What do you think about it? Let us know!

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What do you think about the Multiuser functionality?

Happy Birthday Mr. Guinness…errr Mike aka Basil3!

A few words to him:

Mike is one of the very first follower, supporter and member of Venom.
Thanks to him, you got a lot of VenomHUB mods, like IconPacks, Statusbarthemes or several complete themes for your device.

Happy Birthday Mike, stay like you are and we hope you stay with us as long as possible.


Venom starts work on Android L

We began the work on Android L today and will and put every effort into having it released as soon as possible.

Please do understand though that it will take really quite some time since this is not only a re-base, it also is a heavily reworked, quite new version of Android.

That means lots of code changes on Googles and HTCs side.


A little schedule:

Analysing Phase:

  • Understanding the new code changes
  • Check if existing tweaks from our Kitkat roms will work without code rewrites

Integration Phase:

  • Tweaks that won’t work, need to be rewritten…some will be rewritten quickly, some not that quick, in some cases tweaks need to be dropped entirely. Some may come in a later update or never, depending on the work they need and how popular they were.

Beta Testing Phase:

  • We got nearly 400 individual tweaks, each is listed in a testing sheet where it needs to be tested, then confirmed by two people.

Bug fixing Phase:

  • Devs go through the beta testing sheet and fix the reported bugs
  • Testers need to test the fixes and confirm if they are working or not

First Release Phase/Open Beta:

  • “Open Beta”, because the public was always able to  identify many more bugs than what we could initially locate during the beta phase with every past major release. So after an initial ViperOne_4.0.0, expect some quick minor bugfix releases to follow. We think calling it open beta is a more honest approach than calling it the “Final” version (when everyone knows its not).

Feature Phase:

  • Once we feel the Rom is stable, we will begin to implement new features again. 


FYI: If there was a way to know when the  ViperOne ROM was ready, we honestly would tell you. But we really have no way to estimate the time it takes! The only thing that’s quite certain is: a lot of time, work and effort needs to be invested into this Android L based release.



And if you are one of those guys that tell us that other teams can release their roms more quickly:

Team Venom modifies a lot of framework files to get all the tweaks working…it’s not just the tweaks app you see, that’s just the GUI for you to control all the tweaks, that are implemented deep in the framework.

Since HTC Sense isn’t open source it doesn’t make it much easier..it’s the opposite of course. AOSP based roms, like CyanogenMod, AOKP, Paranoid etc. are OpenSource, means you can compile and debug them in Eclipse/Android Studio..which we can not! That makes it much more time consuming, because we can’t debug our tweaks properly nor can we implement it directly in Java. We need to go the long way over apktool and implement it in smali (which basically means hacking it into nearly unreadable machine language without automation tools which open-source programmers have available).

Also all that is done in our freetime. We all got a job, a wife, girlfriend and/or a blow-up doll, friends and a family to take care of.

Happy Waiting Game!


The result when a developer cleans a window – Hotfix Added!!!!

..laughed myself, thought I share 😀

To my excuse…the sun didn’t shine when I cleaned it and we put some stupid Ice Spray on it.






Hotfix v1 available!!!!





Happy New Year! 2014 flashback

Another year ends, and it was a good year for Venom… and it’s users we hope (:

We existed now for about two and a half years and provided ROMs for nearly 20 devices so far! ROMs in active development during 2014 were:

HTC One Max, developed by Vinchenzop, HTC One SV by xpirt,

HTC One m7 and HTC One m8 by j to the 4n, Turge, m0narx, ivicask, hansbert and shnizlon

Most of the time  the base ROM is the latest flagship, the M8 in the year 2014. So let’s see what we achieved this year by picking out the features out of the change logs:

Added features
  • Added 5×6 app drawer grid
  • Added HEQS default color will now match selected theme
  • Added OTA support for all carriers
  • Added lockscreen pattern tweaks
  • All Venom apps now observing theme colors
  • Added ability to long press some Native HEQS
  • Increased NEQS limit from 12 to 20
  • Added Tweaks, Hub and Flashlight NEQS titles
  • Added stock navbar customization
  • Ability to toggle Edit/Search navbar buttons
  • Ability to change the button colors
  • Ability to change the glow colors
  • Updated VenomSidebar
  • – fixed open on touch setting opening also on swipe
  • – added panel custom color option
  • – added swipe to open setting
  • – added min swipe distance
  • Added selective hide navbar on keypress
  • Added configurable min swipe distance to venom navbar
  • Added option to hide the dock on blinkfeed
  • Added Venom Navbar
  • Ability to toggle Edit/Search navbar buttons
  • Ability to change the button colors
  • Ability to change the glow colors
  • Ability to change the background color
  • Ability to autohide navbar after a specific timeout
  • Ability to setup activation area color/width and height
  • Ability to swipe up to show navbar
  • Ability to touch to hide navbar
  • Ability to touch anywhere to hide navbar
  • Ability to press button to hide navbar
  • Added 5×6 app drawer grid
  • Added motion gesture remapping
  • Added option for color weather icons
  • Added option for color blinkfeed
  • Added option to hide labels in app drawer and folders
  • Added option to change app drawer actionbar background
  • Added option to use Prism menu icons
  • Added option for Prism menu icon overlay color
  • Added option for menu background
  • Added option for menu text color
  • Added screen on time + wifi time to power usage
  • Added weather animations back
  • Added unlocked native tethering for all carriers (full rom/use at own risk)
  • Added immersive mode (toggable via apm)
  • Added exlusion list for immersive mode
  • Added three finger tap customization
  • Added screen off action to 3 finger swype
  • Added Homescreen layouts
  • Added screen off prism menu item
  • Added wallpaper scrolling back
  • Added back wide crop size for wallpaper
  • Added skip unlock animation
  • Added slide out dock on homescreen
  • Added slide out statusbar on homescreen
  • Added slide out dock/statusbar timeout
  • Added option to remove contact picture mask
  • Added auto maximize lockscreen widget
  • Added option to set an own default widget on lockscreen
  • Added Quick Pin Unlock back
  • Added mod that keeps the screen off after hanging up a call when having a bluetooth headset connected
  • Added HtcWeatherClockWidget theming
  • Added longpress power custom actions
  • Added/Fixed Venom DownloadProvider: Let’s you create download groups based on file extension
  • Added Venom Keyboard skins
  • Added back VenomAppInstaller
  • Added SOS Function to HTC Flashlight
  • Added VenomPackageInstaller
  • Added kernel customisation support to tweaks (requires update from your kernel dev)
  • Added PnP control to CPU tab
  • Added HTC DotView Customizations (New Tab in VenomTweaks)
  • – Choose custom apps to show notifications on your HTC Dot View Case
  • – Choose apps that shall turn the screen on on incoming notification
  • Added Venom category with venom apps to native settings
  • Added customization of Extreme Powersaver Launcher shortcuts
  • Added Extreme Powersaver to APM
  • Added back key action to 3 finger gesturev
  • Added back reset buttons for color preferences
  • Added custom icons for navbar buttons
  • Added navbar height for stock navbar
  • Added ability to show/hide venom apps in native settings
  • Added ability to show HK setting
  • Added force new task exclusion list
  • Added Boomsound and HK to “hide specific statusbar icons”
  • Added NFC to “hide specific statusbar icons”
  • Added option to start EPS when quiethours starts and exiting when quiethours ends
  • Added option to configure apps to show red led color on incoming notifications
  • Added toggle in icon theme view to set background to black, so see “white icon packs”
  • Apps are ordered alphabetically now when customizing icon packs
  • Added toggle to open normal menu when on blinkfeed page
  • Added hiding htc sync icon
  • Enabled call recording
  • Added wallpaper scrolling
  • Added screen ON stats in power manager
  • Added WIFI ON stats in power manager
  • Added custom sense themes per app/all apps
  • Added HTC Blinkfeed to take per app theme colors
  • Added HTC Weather to take per app theme colors
  • Added HTC IME to take per app theme colors
  • Added HTC Service Pack to take per app theme colors

Those features got added in over 20 different updates for the HTC One M8. The changelogs from year 2014 counted nearly about 400! Was really a busy year for us! Hundreds of hours were spent on developing new features, fixing issues, maintaining the XDA threads and giving support on different platforms. A lot, right? (-:


So what else happened in the year 2014?


Relaunch of our Webpage

At the end of May we relaunched our homepage www.venomroms.com, which included a blog for news, a forum, a download section for our ROMs, a User Guide (of course always a work in progress) and some details about Venom and it’s members.



Mid  July we introduced a ticket system to enhance the support for our users. About 2000 tickets have been submitted to the ticket system thus far. That’s a lot! And  we hope all of them have been answered to your satisfaction.


Logo Design contest

Mid August we thought that we could use a new design, so we started a contest with a grand prize of $300 for the one that submits the best design. Winner was xda member lemonbush with her design.
Thanks again to her for her great contribution!


Featured on PhoneArena

In December Venom was featured on one of the biggest smartphone news sites PhoneArena in the article ‘Outstanding custom Android ROMs for the HTC One (M8)‘. Guess what rom was mentioned first? (-:



What can you expect for 2015?


Android L for M7 and M8

In 2015 the HTC One M7 and the HTC One M8 will receive ViperOne based on Android L. Please understand that it is impossible for us to tell when that will be, since there’s not even a base yet from HTC. Also keep in mind that with  major Android upgrades, it takes MUCH longer to produce a ROM as feature packed as ViperOne, since a lot of changes come with those and we normally need to rewrite a lot of tweaks from ground up, some stuff maybe won’t even work and to figure all that stuff out it will take it’s time. Also the beta testing, a very important part before the release, will take longer as usual since every little tweak needs to be tested.


New year, new device

With every new year, there will be a new flagship and you can be sure that we will get it asap and provide you a rom for it.



Thanks to


At this point I want to thank all people that made Venom to what it is. It takes more than some coding to provide a rom, lots more!



Without them VenomHub wouldn’t be as mod and theme rich as it is. 95% of it’s content are provided by our themers Basil3, ViNOK16Bit, Kiray1982, Behold_this and Guich


Beta Testers

It was a very busy year for our beta testers on the m7 and m8. I think we got a very stable m7 and m8 rom currently and that’s due to our awesome beta testers! One of them is Black-FR, that needs a special thank you, if there’s a bug no one notices…he finds it!



They keep our homepage, facebook and twitter alive. Thanks to tylerlawhon and nitephlight. They are doing great!


Support staff

Also our support staff had a very tough and last half year. The ticketsystem was greatly accepted by our users and ofc needs to be taken care of (random order). nitephlightbeats4x, Sneakyghost, Basil3, xunholyx, joshuaw84, MassStashsmokin901 were those guys, thanks to them! They answered all kind of questions, like  problems installing the rom, bugs, feature requests, wifi issues, wifi issues, wifi issues, wifi issues, wifi issues, wifi issues, wifi issues, wifi issues, wifi issues, wifi issues, no voice during calls issues, no voice during calls issues, no voice during calls issues, no voice during calls issues, no voice during calls issues, no voice during calls issues, registration issues and lots of others.



  • bschram for maintaining our homepage/backend, hosting and fixing my crap I produce
  • markus.bauer for hosting www.venomroms.com , offering a fast german mirror for our roms and always lending a hand for help were he can.
  • LlabTooFeR for being a silly russian I can make fun of.
  • Zanzibar and  nkk71 for being with me in irc #venomroms @ freenode to answer questions and joking around with me there.
  • Sneakyghost our firmware knowledge bitch
  • Whiskey103 to be our silly dutch, not sure what he contributed this year. He always has some funny vids, or pics ready though that lets you laugh! 😀
  • All others I forgot. Getting old, no way to remember all people that contributed or were being helpful ^^



Thanks to all users that support us. Without your love to Venom we wouldnt be the most popular Sense rom. We hope you will with us also with the next HTC Flagships!


Oh, and a Happy New Year! May your aims and wishes for 2015 become true.

Team Venom wishes you a Merry Christmas

..enjoy the time with your families and the too good and most of the times too much food.
May Santa have a lot of nice presents for you!

Team Venom


The whole team wishes you a happy bday, lots of presents, all health and luck on earth andthat all you desire comes true.

You don’t know Ben? Ben is Read more

An Embarrassing Moment to Share

So I was at work and deep in my “coding mode” when suddenly my phone began to ring. It was my wife. I looked at the clock…”SHIT!!” I immediately shut down my PC by long-pressing the power button, there wasn’t time to shut it down the clean way. I ran out of the my office, said quickly “Goodbye” to by boss when I passed his office out of the building. I had 5 mins to get to the tram, normally I need 7 mins If I walk normally.

Luckily I made it in time. 25 minutes later I arrived at the station where I would meet my wife…she was already waiting. I gave her a kiss then she said: “How the hell do you look like?” I just said: “What, why?”.

Then she looked down to my shoes and so did I afterwards….


Show Photo


“OMG!!!” In the rush I accidentely mixed up one of my flipflops with one of my slippers. I began to laugh and found it pretty funny but embarrassing at the same time. =D


Have you had a similarly embarrassing but also funny moment? Share it with us!