M9 Fund: 3 devices will arrive today to be dispatched again to our developers

Today I’ll receive 3 HTC One M9, one for ivicask, one for shnizlon and the last one for m0narx.
The 3rd device for m0narx I payed him in advance, so he can work already on stuff, instead of waiting another of couple weeks.

Thanks again for all that donated so far, it’s really greatly appreciated and I still can’t believe that so many donated in that short amount of time
to fund the new devices for our developers. I’m really proud of our community!


ViperOneM9 gets his first Update – 1.1.0 available

The HTC M9 got his initial ViperOneM9 rom just 3 days ago. Now it already has its first update to 1.1.0.
It contains several bugfixes, but also some new features. One of them, my favorite tweak on the M9 is following:

For this update an OTA is available, to be able to flash it you need to flash this fix here first:
After applyin the fix, you can go to Settings->About->Software Update and Download and Install the OTA.

Link to full changelog here
Downloads as usual in the HTC One M9 Download Section


ViperOneM9 Open Beta released!

We decided to release an open beta for the HTC One M9 for the initial release. The framework on the m9 wasn’t that much different compared to the m8. It was a pretty good decision working on the Sense 7 Mod for the M8 and M7 because the work done there could be reused on the M9 now and made that really quick release possible.
The release is declared as beta, because our beta tester team is still pretty small and testing all stuff would have delayed the release a lot. Since the framework wasn’t that much different to Sense 6 Android Release we have a very good feeling that there are just some minor glitches, that will be sorted out soon.

You will find the downloads http://venomroms.com/htc-one-m9/
and the xda thread here

Be aware that this release is just for the international HTC One M9. Theres no Sprint and Verizon Support yet.

Enjoy everyone!

TheRootNinja did it again. S-OFF for the M9 achieved within 24h! – Open Beta for ViperOneM9 soon

That is such a great news! I knew that they were confident, that S-OFF will happen, but I think no one expected that it will happen that quick!

Altough S-OFF seems not too far away for the public there is still a bunch of work ahead for our ninjas to be able to provide a terminal free and userfriendly way to S-OFF the M9.

They are working hard already though to make it happen asap:


#sunshine-support @irc.freenode.net

(@jcase) j_to_the_4n, ive been drinking since we hit s-off

So it can’t take thaaaaat long anymore! 😀


..and for the ones that think it could be a late April fool:

#sunhine-support @irc.freenode.net

(@j_to_the_4n) jcase, was it still 1st April in your place when you shared the news? Some people ask be if its a fool, lol.
(@jcase) it was but its fore real
(@j_to_the_4n) =P



Another great news I can share is, that we probably will release an Open Beta for ViperOne M9 soon.

We made a really big step yesterday getting the Rom to boot with already most of the ported framework.


Source: [Android][Unlock/S-OFF] SunShine for modern Motorola & HTC devices

RUU’s and their magic: fix me baby one more time!

A RUU is the best thing HTC has ever given us for our phones, but at the same time, it is our worst nightmare. The dreaded “stock” software that cannot be modified and doesn’t even allow us to get rid of the annoying Android advertising.

So, why is it the “best thing HTC has ever given us”?
Simply because these RUU’s are pretty fool proof and go through with very little issues, very rare bricking going on, despite them updating the entire firmware system even on locked bootloaders. RUU means “Rom Update Utility” whereas HTC understands the entire phone software as their “ROM”. When you download a RUU, it will be packaged in an MSI installer that extracts it to your PC’s TEMP directory. Only there you will find the actual RUU, it’s called the “ARUWizard.exe” and has a lot of files going with it. What you flash to your phone, the payload,  is called the “ROM.zip”  – often you can find these separately on XDA, extracted from this RUU and renamed to a name matching the RUU. If you wish to flash such a “bare bone RUU.zip” to your phone you can either do so manually with fastboot or place it in an empty RUU structure like I provide in a number of threads on XDA (e.g. here), calling it the “FUU” or Firmware Update Utility. The third way is to place this ROM.zip onto your SDCard, rename it to the relevant phone’s codename (e.g. on the M8 it would be 0P6BIMG.zip), reboot and it will auto-flash.

If you get your RUU as an “exe” though, none of that matters. You double-click it and follow instructions and that’s basically it.

For us here at Team Venom, the RUU’s have proven to be the fastest, most efficient way to fix our user’s phones when the odd bug creeps out of its cave.

If you head over to one of the links below and download a RUU with the exact same or higher version number of what you can see in your bootloader (see how to obtain that version further down) , you can just leave the phone in bootloader mode while you download the RUU, then double-click that RUU and follow instructions. Fairly simple. Or do as I mentioned above if its not an EXE.

http://www.htc.com/us/support/rom-downloads.html <— HTC (US) RUU downloads – please also bookmark this for future reference.

International users will have to look on XDA if they find a “leaked” RUU for their variant – HTC does not release any RUU’s for any other variant except the US versions. A source for older HTC models up to the HTC One M7 is http://androidruu.com/ <– you find a fair share of RUU’s there. Then, if you absolutely can’t get a RUU on either of those links, you can Google search for an approximate RUU name (like e.g. “HTC One M8 RUU 4.16.401.10”) and dig through numerous Chinese and Russian forums with Google Translate – sometimes you get lucky and find the missing piece there. Sometimes good ol’ trusty XDA is the best source though (Become a Jedi Master of XDA search and use Google to search XDA – yihaa! (prefix your search with: site:xda-developers.com).


How do we actually RUU our phones and what do we need to watch out for? Here’s a random list of things:

Conditions for a successful RUU process are:

– Bootloader LOCKED or RELOCKED when S-ON (this condition can be ignored when S-OFF)

– RUU Software version EQUAL or HIGHER than what’s on the phone (this condition can be ignored when S-OFF)

MID Match of RUU and Phone (this condition can be ignored when S-OFF and SuperCID)

CID Match of RUU and Phone (this condition can be ignored when S-OFF and SuperCID)

VCREDIST X86 2008 SP1 needs to be installed for the RUU (always, but most PC’s have it anyway, just in case the RUU throws a “side-by-side configuration” error.

– It also needs DotNet but that is also usually installed on 99% of Windows PC’s.

HTC Syncmanager drivers installed (you may install Sync Manager to obtain the drivers and then remove Sync Manager again, because its an extremely annoying, stupid software, that interferes with the RUU.exe and breaks the update process – the drivers install separately from the package and will stay when you remove Sync Manager – you only need those drivers).

Error Handling for RUU and Fastboot:

– There is a pretty complete reference to the most common error codes that turn up with RUU flashing and/or Fastboot flashing HERE. Please see there before using our support system. If you cannot fix your issues using that list, feel free to ask for further assistance. Also, Sneakyghost (yes, me) is very interested in new error codes that have not been noted down there. If you happen to encounter an unknown error code, please submit it to me with an exact description of what lead to it (use tickets or XDA PM system).


Additional, secondary information

How to boot into Bootloader/Fastboot Mode:

– Using ADB: type adb reboot bootloader into your prompt.

– Using Buttons: methods differ a little from device to device: OneM7: hold VolDown and Power until the screen goes off and you are in bootloader. OneM8 and OneM9: hold VolUp and Power until screen goes dark, then immediately slide finger to VolDown and keep holding it together with Power until you are in bootloader.

Navigation in Bootloader: use the volume buttons to navigate the lists up and down, press the power button to confirm choices.

Notice: Bootloader Mode is different than Fastboot Mode – switch between the two using the Bootloader Menu entry “fastboot”. New on the M9: It has an entirely new bootloader called the “AppsBoot” or short: “Aboot” and it looks very different. Get used to the Term “Download Mode” (yea, sounds like Samsung now) – Download Mode replaces Fastboot Mode but accepts most commands like the old Fastboot Mode. Also, you will keep using Fastboot.exe on your PC.

How to verify MID and CID:

Hook up your phone to your PC and put it in fastboot mode.

Open a Terminal (Mac, Linux) or Command Prompt (Windows) in the folder where you have your ADB and Fastboot installed by Shift-Right-Clicking into that folder and choosing “Open command prompt here” (Windows). This is either the location of the Android Tool Kit / ADT /SDK program-folder or some ADB toolset you downloaded from XDA, for example from my thread here for M9, here for the M8 and here for the M7).

Type the command fastboot oem getvar all into the prompt. It will return a list of variables from your phone. You can see the MID and the CID there too. Use this in your support ticket! It helps us a great deal when dealing with firmware questions! Else i have a list with all known CID’s and MID’s here. Check if the returned CID and MID Match the RUU!

How to determine the RUU you need:

In the version string you find with the “getvar all” command, x.xx.401.x the “401” part identifies your mobile phone model. So, if you see a version with “401” in your bootloader, you can only use RUU’s with that identifier in their version string! HERE is a list with all “SKU’s” as we call them.

Notice: A phone that has been set S-OFF does not need to observe this. An S-OFF phone can cross-flash variants with the exception of CDMA/GSM not being compatible. Never cross-flash between those (Sprint to International or Verizon to International or vice versa or Sprint to Verizon or vice versa).


– You might have wondered whether or not a RUU will kill your data. Yes it does. Please ensure you back up everything that’s important to you. For the M8 and M9, it will suffice to push stuff to an external SDCard – that will not be deleted. For the M7 however, copy stuff to your PC first. If you have one, you know why 😉


And no, we don’t do YouTubes. But of course we have an answer to Jan’s Justin Bieber obsession: Fix me one more time…. 😀

Sense 7 Mod beta available for the HTC One M8 and HTC One M7

I really hate it when people scream for stuff that even hasn’t been released by HTC officially yet and neither I like it to work on ported stuff.

Why? Because on first sight it seems that all works fine, but then you run into issue one, two, three…and waste so much time on little things that would be better spent on a break for us developers for the real stuff. But yeah, other roms already have it…so you get it too. It’s a beta and there are known and unknown issues. 95% of the tweaks are ported,  there are glitches here and there, but should be fine to run as daily.

Do a nandroid and decide yourself if you want to run it or not. If you notice things not working, then you need to live with it. We are aware of most of the issues.

The Mod is available in VenomHub->Addons

But you can also get it here:


German Mirror


Sunshine S-OFF 3.0 – No S-Off yet? Hurry before it’s gone

I am sure you all have heard about SunShine S-OFF. No? OK. Here’s the thing: when you unlock your bootloader on HTCDev.com to flash our most awesome custom ROM, you actually only unlock 3 partitions out of 47: Boot (the Kernel), Recovery and System. All others are either writeable by default (like Data) or still locked behind what HTC calls “Security”. That security can be ON or OFF. HTC won’t allow you to set it fully off.

In order to make your life easier and flash firmware without hassle, or cross flash e.g. international firmware to your AT&T device to fix the “no sound in calls” bug, or for fixing those cursed Sprint units which simply refuse to take custom ROM’s properly, you want your device security to be “OFF”. Or short: you want your phone “SunShine S-OFF”. For that, you need that hack.


Due to the same questions appearing over and over again on Facebook and XDA, here is a quick incomplete list of what you can do with S-OFF:

  • Flash firmware without relocking and returning your device to stock in a quick process.
  • Cross-Flash firmware or “unbrand” devices – like flash WWE to AT&T
  • Set your bootloader back to original “LOCKED” state instead of the official “RELOCKED” state which tells service centers that you unlocked
  • If you use sunshine to do the first-ever unlock on your device, HTC will NEVER know what you did. Use HTCDev ONCE and they record your IMEI and pass it on to their service contractors – so even if you changed to LOCKED state, they would still know.
  • Use ANY RUU to fix your messed up device (exception: no cross-flashing between GSM/CDMA!!)
  • Fully convert your device between variants like to Google Play Edition or from TMUS to ATT or whatever. Just keep in mind: GSM to CDMA and vice versa is NOT possible!
  • Some people like to experiment with different radios to improve their battery life and reception.
  • Some people like to flash different splash screens.
  • Some people enjoy modified hboots so the red text goes away (we DO NOT recommend this though!).
  • I am sure there is more but i think you get the idea…

Now, the most awesome crew around legendary Beaups and jcase has worked hard to fix their hack (which they currently call “SunShine S-OFF”) to achieve this Security OFF thing again, after HTC had worked hard to take it away from us (there was no way to S-OFF a KitKat M8 or M7 for quite a while). Now is the time. They finally succeeded. You can set your device free again!

But be sure to know this: HTC will be right at it and try to identify the exploit those guys use and patch it up if they can. So, if you want it, get it before the next HTC OTA rolls out.

Here is their XDA presence: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2792487

Here is their official Website: http://theroot.ninja/

SunShine S-OFF is the most basic thing we need in our HTC community. Without it, many many things would be quite impossible and even custom ROM’s like ours would be harder to develop, harder to maintain and harder to flash in some instances. So, if you have any doubts about the pricetag: please trust me when i say its well deserved, well earned and definitely worth it.

We wish our russian hacker m0narx a Happy Birthday

He doesn’t talk much, but therefore the better he codes!

Most people in the m7/m8 forums don’t see him often or know him at all. But you are all enjoying lots of stuff he is responsible for, if it’s VenomHub and it’s whole backend, VenomSidebar, Venom Sound Enhancer, but also a bunch of framework edits. Without him, Venom wouldn’t be as awesome as it is. Thank you m0narx!

…and it’s online: ViperOne 8.0.0 for the HTC One M7. Enjoy everyone!

Also if I planned to delay to the release to the evening actually….here you got your long awaited update.

Seems people will never learn how impolite, disrespectful and stupid it is to share the rom before we do it officially. We worked really long and hard to get you that update and I think we can at least expect from the community that we have the chance to release it officially first! It happened on the m8 before and on the m7 also several times, with fullroms and otas.

We hope that this will be the last time…else we will delay the release for a longer time next time when that happens.

ViperOne 8.0.0 for the m7 will be released today

So the wait will be over today…for the patient people, but also for the impatient ones.

The bad news: There is no Verizon support for now.

All other carriers are supported though!


Stay tuned! (-: