M10 Fundraising over 1000USD reached – How excited you are about the M10?



Thanks to a bunch of new donations we’ve reached over 1000USD a few days ago. Depending on how much the M10 will costs thats nearly to devices funded.

It’s really great to see that so many people are willing to donate. Makes us feel that we did some things right with the several thousands hours spent on the last HTC Flagships with our ViperOne Series. Really hope, that the M10 will get more attention that the M9 did. The community size on the M9 was maybe a fourth of what we had on the M8 and even less on the M7.

Currently I think that the M10 will be my last device I’ll work on…and I doubt that will change. Having family and an own home (Fuck that damn garden work!!!)  is time consuming, in a nice way of course…okay, not always 😀 – But yeah, family is what matters and in 30 or more years I want to remember the moments I had with my family not the time I “wasted” watching on phones.

What’s your opinion about the M10 based on the several leaked info and pictures the last weeks? You’ll get it and join us on ViperM10?


ViperS7 is coming to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge



Since the last M10 leaks didn’t sound that promising we decided to leave the sinking HTC ship and jump over to Samsung.

It was really a great time with HTC, but it’s really time for a change.

At this point we also want to say thanks to all our faithful followers that supported us the last few years. Especially to all recent donators of the M10 fundraising – the money will will obviously be used for some S7 Edge devices now. Since all main developers move to the S7 Edge now, all HTC roms will gradually get discontinued.


But now the good news:

ViperS7 is far from being ready, but it can be used as daily for sure. For all that gonna move to the S7 Edge as well, visit us on our S7 Edge xda thread.

Link to xda Thread

M10 Fundraising – Thank you, 440 USD reached so far

We would like to thank you for all the donations so far. After about three weeks we reached about 440 USD coming from 25 donators.

One very generous donation of 100 USD came from Zeke Baker, a single dad of three kids. I wanted to highlight that donation, because he told me that he can’t afford an M10 himself, but donated 100USD because he appreciates our work a lot. Really a great thank you from the whole Venom Team.



The leaks of the M10 look very promising, capacitive buttons 4tw! 😀 – I hope so mucht that HTC does not mess up again..and I have a good feeling that they won’t!

We really can’t wait for the release of the M10 to put ViperOne on it.


Original M10 Fundraising Post

Happy Birthday Illya aka m0narx

Ilya birthday


My first java code after a couple of weeks? 😀

Have a good one Illya!

HTC One M10 Fundraising

Another year has passed since the last flagship with the M9 and the next flagship is already around the corner.
ViperOneM9 was a really a success.

If you check xda, we are the most popular M9 Rom…with a massive gap to the *yawn* second most popular one.
Thanks to your donations last year for the HTC One M9 Fund you made that happen, since it made it possible that nearly every Venom Dev was able to get an HTC One M9.
So we were able to push a lot of updates with a lot of new features and quick bugfixes.
In my opinion, ViperOneM9 was the best supported and most stable rom ever made by Venom.

To be able to keep that up with the HTC One M10 we need your help again.
Help us to be able to get a couple of M10 devices for our devs.

Some may not understand, why we don’t have the money ourself to get the devices.
Well that’s easy explained. In some countries, a new flagship is sometimes one complete income,maybe even more…without having payed the fixed costs yet.
In my case I can’t even pay our fixed costs with my own income anymore with buying an own flat for my family with our now 5 months old son. We basically live with the small money my wife gets during here parental leave.
Definitely not much money left for me to afford a new device.

Any donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Our VenomHUB Server got some issues atm

…we are on it.

I’m shutting down the ticketsystem while it’s down.

Marshmallow Sense 7 ROM released for HTC One M8 – stable

So, after much back-and-forth, it’s finally done. ViperOneM8 has a custom Marshmallow base now. A marshmallow snake is about to bite!

Go check out the download page. ViperOneM8_5.0.0 (anything before 5.0.0 is not Marshmallow!) is what you are looking for.


  • 6.xx based firmware recommended. 6.12.1540.4 US Developer Edition and 6.14.707.1 Asia-TW (no direct RUU link but you could run this and then get official OTA). If you want these firmwares, your phone needs to be GSM, S-OFF.
  • 4.xx Lollipop-firmwares (for example 4.16.401.13) apparently work too, according to Artur’s tests  – however, we have had quite a few issues with older firmwares on the M9 and it will be a very good idea if you actually do the update on the M8  too, just to avoid potential problems. We were not able to observe long-term effects (wakelocks, drain, etc) yet, so, better safe than sorry.

Thank Artur from XDA for this fantastic port job! The Release-Post is here on XDA.


  • No carrier support. We might be adding Sprint, VZW, TMUS, ATT once they receive their own Marshmallow updates. Until then, please have patience, my young padawans! Trying to flash the ROM on those can lead to a device unable to boot further than bootloader or recovery!
  • Firmware: most GSM phones can try to work with HTC’s Developer Edition firmware. It works well for most international users too. This requires S-OFF first. CDMA (Sprint and Verizon in the US) can absolutely NOT flash the Developer Edition firmware, not even with S-OFF! This would possibly break your phone so you have to send it in! Be warned!


[EDIT Notes]
  • Had to re-word a few things to try and make things clearer.

Stable Android M Rom released for the HTC One M9 – ViperOneM8 5.0.0 will follow next

ViperOneM9 4.1.0 Stable (3rd Jan)

Additions & Updates

  • Re-based on 3.35.401.12
  • Added Sprint support
  • Added Verizon support
  • Partially merged with Android 6.0.1(HTC A9)
  • Improved rom install and boot times by almost 2x
  • Huge boost to performance, all lags fixed!
  • Fixed data getting moved to “0” folder on internal SD
  • Header tweaks are back with it’s full force!
  • Added light/dark tint color
  • Added tint override theme option
  • Refactored Colors and Buttons Tab
  • Refactored Brightness slider again. Now adaptive brightness can be adjusted on autobrightness (properly)
  • Latest Sense Home from Playstore added
  • Added longpress statusbar to toggle autobrightness if statusbar brightness slider is activated. on automatic it will adjust the adaptive brightness
  • Added Toast notification to longpress statusbar for statusbar brightness slider to show the toggled state

Fixes & Cleanups

  • Fixed Google Partner FC and QTI Teether FC issue.
  • Fixed broken animations that caused massive lags on different UI elements
  • Fixed APM reboot to recovery and OTA installation showing scary “Factory reset” dialog
  • Fixed doublepress back
  • Fixed doublepress recent
  • Fixed statusbar theming
  • Fixed longpress and shortpress remapping of settings button
  • Fixed custom clock and calendar shortcut on header
  • Fixed brightness slider
  • Fixed mixed up sync/sync all icons
  • Fixed screen timeout heqs fcing
  • Fixed systemui fc on boot when extended navbar enabled
  • Fixed statusbar notification count icon fc
  • Fixed hiding persistent notifications
  • Hiding usb works now. You can change the usb setting in Settings->More->Mobile Network sharing if you hide it
  • Fixed home button misalignment
  • Fixed hiding battery not working
  • Fixed 4th button custom color
  • Fixed HEQS Spacing, now 9 items fit completely on small, 8 on mid and 7 on large icon site
  • Fixed quite hours
  • Fixed carrier default color applying not without reboot
  • Fixed analog clock overlapping carrier label
  • Fixed statusbar icon not showing
  • Fixed header background color
  • Fixed header clock default color (affected analog clock)
  • Fixed changing lockscreen shortcuts not asking for statusbar reboot
  • Hide statusbar clock doesn’t need statusbar reboot anymore
  • Fixed some broken custom motion launch actions
  • Fixed APM icon alignments
  • Fixed Full Reboot in VenomTweaks not working
  • Hide volume icons works now

Let’s have some marshmallows

We started a few days ago already. Lots of work ahead!

Everyone that asks for ETA’s won’t get a visit from Santa.