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[Update] Venom Hub currently down

So we found the issue, why you can’t login into the VenomHUB: The users mysql table is empty 😀 – No idea how, luckily we got a backup from friday, that we just restored, means newly registered people need to reregister. m0narx currently migrates the data to the new backend, exiting stuff for you coming! (maybe had some vodka and mixed up the life with his local db? :D)


Venom Hub Currently Down

Due to technical difficulties, the Venom Hub is currently down.  Our team of highly-paid and highly-skilled engineers are currently on the case, and will have it fixed as soon as possible.

Thanks for your patience.

When a developer is not coding…



..he ends up in the hospital!

ME at least 😀


I cut my right thumb and sliced up an artery. Pregnant wife that will give birth in about one week, drove me to the hospital (how ironical:D)..and three stitches later I was good again.

Timing couldn’t be worse, since there is still lots to do in the flat we bought and where we just moved in..and the birth of our little in a few days. Only advantage..if you can really call it like that, is that I will be probably at home and can drive me wife to the hospital asap when its time.

A developer without his 10 fingers..mhhh, feels like running a stock rom? Useless, waste of capabilities… =P

Stagefright and the HK/BS Switcher

Most people may not wish to know too much about their devices. I can understand that. I want my car to drive me from A to B without me constantly fixing it.

As such, it is rather likely that many of you would not suspect the Harman-Kardon / BoomSound Switcher to be affected by the “Stagefright Vulnerability” that flooded even mainstream media recently. But alas! The stagefright part is the most vital to the Harman-Kardon modification, besides the actual DSP firmware.

The whole thing was discovered by @jduck from Zimperium (or so I heard).

Patch suggestions were then submitted to Google.

Google subsequently approved those patches and released a “quick fix” which in turn got adapted by almost all carriers in a hurry. HTC followed suit as fast as they could. HTC have released it for a few device lines, not all though.

However. According to this article, the patch is mostly useless and the devices will remain vulnerable until Google updates the patch, again.

The HK/BS Switcher fix is based on the OTA Sprint pushed out for the HTC One M8 and its Harman-Kardon Edition subversion (Version 4.25.651.18 and 4.25.654.18 respectively). (Source, thanks @OMJ and @Captain_throwback)

Since the essential patch happens in only one lib file in /system/lib, the “libstagefright.so”, it wasn’t overly hard to merge it into the current M9 Port ROM for the M8 and also into the Harman-Kardon / BoomSound switcher, which heavily depends on the stagefright library.

So, if you guys think of running the Harman-Kardon mod on your M8 4.5.x or 4.6.x ROM, (also compatible with the lower 4.x.x ROM versions probably) you can do so with stagefright patched, as of now. Find the download in the HUB. It is in the “Addons” section and goes by version number 4.3.1.

Source: HK/BS Switcher 4.3.1

HTCOneM9 OTA for EMEA feat. Stagefright

Although this is old news for Team Venom’s users, I still thought I could drop a quick hint here about the rolling stock HTCOneM9 OTA featuring Android 5.1 – software version 2.10.401.1.

According to HTC_DACH’s Twitter and related tweets (@wheelergd), the entire EMEA region is receiving the HTCOneM9 OTA with Android 5.1 from today on. This is particularly interesting because a.) according to Fabian Nappenbach (@fabnapp) the update includes the patch for the “stagefright” vulnerability, that has been making its rounds through the interwebs the past days and b.) it is the base we already use for ViperOneM9 3.5.0.

This is nice to know. So, in case someone missed that bit: ViperOneM9 3.5.0 is already based on software version 2.10.401.1 and that base is secure.

This also means that there won’t be a direct follow-up update of ViperOneM9 (just in regards of the currently rolling stock OTA), because we had been ahead of HTC this time, thanks to some kind early base provider, with this new HTCOneM9 OTA. Unless someone figures HTC quietly updated the software again without changing version numbers (very unlikely) since we got the base, we will not need to put in the extra work.

ViperOneM8 4.5.0 for the HTC One M8 released – MASSIVE Changelog

The wait is over!!! It’s finally there, a new update for the HTC One M8.
What you get?? Check out yourself, the changelog is nearly 100 lines long!

23-07-2015 18-42-37