It was a nice time, thanks to all of you that used the roms I developed on.

I’ll make it short: I’ll leave Venom in the next days. I just need to clean up some source code for my other team members, so they can take over on my stuff that I worked on. Job, family and Venom was just too much the last years, especially since my son was born. Mike aka Basil3 started to learn coding a year ago and will take my position as lead developer on Venom. I’m sure he will do great, I’ll always be in contact with him, in case if he struggles with something.

There are also some other reasons why I leave, but I don’t want to talk about that.

It was really a great time with Venom, I’ll miss you all.


Cheers, Jan

Happy new year 2017

Team Venom wishes all a happy new year 2017!

Thanks goes to all of you using and supporting our rom.
Without you we wouldn’t be there where we are!

We hope you also stay with us in 2017.
Team Venom

The world’s first full Magisk ROM – Return to complete stock in seconds.

With the Viper10 4.4.0 update on @xda-developers we also released the world’s first Magisk ROM.


For non #tldr guys

Magisk was created and developed by Team Venom member topjohnwu, and is a very popular and well-known project. It is a so called “Universal systemless interface” for the people unfamiliar with Magisk.

The term “systemless” more or less was introduced by the systemless SuperSU release . Numerous security additions were introduced by Google with Android Marshmallow; not to mention these additions made rooting and modifying Android devices even harder. Basically, touching the “/system” partition didn’t even allow the ROM to boot; the issue was fixed by having systemless root.

Also, Android Pay did not work on devices that had a modified “/system”partition, so people that used Xposed or popular audio mods could not use Android Pay.

Independent of that issue topjohnwu created Magisk, the universal interface to create and use systemless mods. Amongst the most popular systemless mods are the Xposed and Viper4Android mods. A nice side effect of systemless mods being introduced was that it was now possible to have Android Pay working while having Xposed with the use of Magisk.  Before this was not possible, as anything which touched the “/system” partition broke the usage of Android Pay.

This didn’t remain unnoticed by Google and started a game of cat and mouse. At this time all attempts from Google to detect root and a modified system have been fixed by Magisk updates. The latest update, version 9 of Magisk is currently available.

Carrier specific features like VoLTE or Wi-Fi Calling somehow got broken on custom ROMS with the release of Android N. It was quickly figured out that once the “/system” partition got modified that the carrier specific features got broken.

A solution needed to be found, and we found it: A systemless custom ROM! And with the work done already by Magisk and some help of topjohnwu we made it possible. The Viper10 4.4.0 Magisk version sideloads the complete ROM on a stock system without breaking SafetyNet or the stock carrier features like VoLTE or WiFi Calling.

Besides working carrier features another advantage is, that you can return back to stock in seconds by just deactivating the Viper10 magisk module. That way you can receive official OTA’s from HTC for example.

If you have any issues or questions, just ask in the Viper10 thread on xda or in the official Magisk discussion thread


MAGISK Version (Android N ONLY):

MD5: DD1399BFAFD71410772F42F3B83222C4
Main Link Google Drive


  1. Flash an Android N RUU to be 100% stock
  2. Flash Magisk and root with phh su. More info and downloads here and here.
  3. Install the Magisk ROM either via TWRP or Magisk Manager
  4. Enjoy a Magisk sideloaded ROM that passes safety net and equally important has all carrier features working (VoLTE, Wi-Fi Calling etc.)
  5. Be aware not to modify anything on “/system” or carrier features etc. will be broken.  The hub addons are currently not magisk compatible, but will be soon.

Android Nougat RUU’s

Variant Download Thread/Link
WWE 2.28.401.9
US Unlocked 2.38.617.6
Sprint N/A
Verizon N/A

P.S. Please let us know if you know of any other available Android N RUU’s :).

Information about our Ticktsystem – Discontinued for now

We decided to discontinue the ticketsystem for now. The reason is that it grew too big with all the new devices and its currently to much work to maintain. The Ticketsystem was online for over two years and over 6000 Tickets were created and worked on. In general it was a nice way to give users the opporturnity to get help and it was a unique feature we had. Or do you know any other rom that offered such support in that way?

Maybe it will come back one day, but for now use our threads on xda to get help or join us in irc.

Viper10 released for the HTC 10


Viper10 Beta Testing started two days ago…

There is still some stuff to do before we can go public though…think I got my first grey hairs.

Yepp VenomHUB Server is down

HTC 10 review, poll and giveaway

Hi everybody!

It’s a sunny Sunday evening here, the new week is about to begin and the past week about to close. Big week for me, us at Team Venom as a whole and all those Android FanGirls/Boys. The Hashtag #PowerOf10  (HTC 10) has certainly dominated the minds of quite a few people besides the political satire going on in Germany and the melting polar caps and whatnot. So, I am finishing my day with the things that sum up my week best and share those with you:

First things first, the big “Gimme Gimme”  – go HERE to enter a giveaway for the HTC 10  The give-away is from (this is a clean link for those not wanting me getting entries). Or click HERE if you want to help me collect some entries (cheaper than donating to my HTC 10 anyway :p). There’s a really nice review video where you can have a very good look at the actual phone in that link too. (the actual reason I am sharing it besides the givcaway). It has indeed helped me get a good visual impression of a phone I am intending to buy which I wasn’t yet able to check out myself. Enjoy.

There also is a nice little poll on Androidpolice.comLG G5 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. HTC 10 – make sure to head over and bomb that place with your HTC 10 votes 😉 little reminder: have you actually seen our little Google Doc survey on the HTC 10 and Viper? Please do fill it out. Thanks!

Last but not least, I thought I share this Camera shootout has done on the HTC 10 vs. SGS7 vs. Nexus 6P vs. LG G5 – there are two, one for daytime conditions and one for nighttime conditions. Pretty neat comparison images. Thanks for the work I’d say. I liked both very much, particularly because those show how the HTC 10 is catching up with the competition this year – a main point of criticism the past 3 years at least.

Daylight Shootout Nighttime shootout

Have a fantastic new week!


Here is another very nice piece by @Verge: Modern phone with familiar design

[POLL] What do you think about the M10?

So the #powerof10 got revealed. For the people that missed it, you can find info about the launch here:




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