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HTC 10 review, poll and giveaway

Hi everybody! It’s a sunny Sunday evening here, the new week is about to begin and the past week about to close. Big week for me, us at Team Venom as a whole and all those Android FanGirls/Boys. The Hashtag #PowerOf10  (HTC 10) has certainly dominated the minds of quite a few people besides the […]

Marshmallow Sense 7 ROM released for HTC One M8 – stable

So, after much back-and-forth, it’s finally done. ViperOneM8 has a custom Marshmallow base now. A marshmallow snake is about to bite! Go check out the download page. ViperOneM8_5.0.0 (anything before 5.0.0 is not Marshmallow!) is what you are looking for. Requirements: 6.xx based firmware recommended. 6.12.1540.4 US Developer Edition and 6.14.707.1 Asia-TW (no direct RUU link […]

Stagefright and the HK/BS Switcher

Most people may not wish to know too much about their devices. I can understand that. I want my car to drive me from A to B without me constantly fixing it. As such, it is rather likely that many of you would not suspect the Harman-Kardon / BoomSound Switcher to be affected by the “Stagefright […]

HTCOneM9 OTA for EMEA feat. Stagefright

Although this is old news for Team Venom’s users, I still thought I could drop a quick hint here about the rolling stock HTCOneM9 OTA featuring Android 5.1 – software version 2.10.401.1. According to HTC_DACH’s Twitter and related tweets (@wheelergd), the entire EMEA region is receiving the HTCOneM9 OTA with Android 5.1 from today on. This is particularly […]

RUU’s and their magic: fix me baby one more time!

A RUU is the best thing HTC has ever given us for our phones, but at the same time, it is our worst nightmare. The dreaded “stock” software that cannot be modified and doesn’t even allow us to get rid of the annoying Android advertising. So, why is it the “best thing HTC has ever […]

Lollipop-Update Questions

Y U NO UPDATE LOLLIPOP PLZ Cuz u suck! We’ve dug around in Lollipop-land since quite some time now. When I checked through the front page here earlier, I figured that Jan already announced the work on Android 5 around January 8th. That is exactly 24 days today, or a little over 3 weeks, or […]

M8 Harman / Kardon Edition Mod now on HUB

Ever since HTC and Sprint introduced their “Harman / Kardon Edition” phone, the regular HTC One M8 buyers felt a little, well, cheated on. Didn’t HTC claim the HTC One M8 was the ultimate audio experience when they released the regular M8? Something like that? I don’t exactly remember their phrasing but it was something along […]

ROM vs. Firmware

So, i created this beautiful guide with so much information. And so many links. And all i get are confused looks the day after. Like when Pope Urban VIII heard from Galileo, that earth revolved around the sun. Erm… What? It gets better. Did you not know Earth was a disk and carried by turtles (Sir […]

[HTCOneM8] ViperOneM8_3.0.0 Requirements

First things first: the new 3.0 ROM will NOT boot in combination 2.xx Firmware. You will need 3.xx firmware. This means, no carrier or model will be able to run ViperOneM8_3.0.0 until they have received their 4.4.4 official HTC OTA.  The ROM is not available yet – this post is preparing the upcoming release! So, let’s get to it. Like […]