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Venom starts work on Android L

We began the work on Android L today and will and put every effort into having it released as soon as possible. Please do understand though that it will take really quite some time since this is not only a re-base, it also is a heavily reworked, quite new version of Android. That means lots of code changes on […]

Happy New Year! 2014 flashback

Another year ends, and it was a good year for Venom… and it’s users we hope (: We existed now for about two and a half years and provided ROMs for nearly 20 devices so far! ROMs in active development during 2014 were: HTC One Max, developed by Vinchenzop, HTC One SV by xpirt, HTC One […]

ViperOneM8 3.0.0 with Android 4.4.4 available for you

An update is available for your m8. It’s based on the latest 3.28.401.7 base running Android 4.4.4. Ensure you update your firmware to the latest one. Instructions you will find here: ViperOneM8 3.0.0 requirements …othewise your phone won’t boot. Notice: No support for verizon and sprint in that release. Once Sprint and verizon releases a […]

Tell us something about you!

With our new venomroms website we tried and still trying to tell you more about us. We setup all devs, themers and other important people with little profiles here: Developers Themers Admins Newswriters Have a general section describing the Team and its philosophy and told you something about the history of Team Venom, how all started and what people […]

Design Contest Winner Announced!

On August the 14th we announced the start of the Design Contest. We appealed to the community to create a new design for Team Venom. The end of the contest was the 31st of August. The first submissions took a while, in the first week there was just one submission and we weren’t very confident that we would get […]