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HTC One M10 Fundraising

Another year has passed since the last flagship with the M9 and the next flagship is already around the corner. ViperOneM9 was a really a success. If you check xda, we are the most popular M9 Rom…with a massive gap to the *yawn* second most popular one. Thanks to your donations last year for the […]

Stable Android M Rom released for the HTC One M9 – ViperOneM8 5.0.0 will follow next

ViperOneM9 4.1.0 Stable (3rd Jan) Additions & Updates Re-based on 3.35.401.12 Added Sprint support Added Verizon support Partially merged with Android 6.0.1(HTC A9) Improved rom install and boot times by almost 2x Huge boost to performance, all lags fixed! Fixed data getting moved to “0” folder on internal SD Header tweaks are back with it’s full […]

ViperOneM9 4.0.0 BETA is here for you!

Information: About the rom: This is a BETA Version. If you don’t know what a BETA Version is, then please don’t flash the rom. Reporting bugs: DON’T!!!! If you find bugs, things that are not working: We are aware of it and will fix them as soon as we can. Please don’t report bugs in […]