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ViperS7 is coming to the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

  Since the last M10 leaks didn’t sound that promising we decided to leave the sinking HTC ship and jump over to Samsung. It was really a great time with HTC, but it’s really time for a change. At this point we also want to say thanks to all our faithful followers that supported us the […]

M10 Fundraising – Thank you, 440 USD reached so far

We would like to thank you for all the donations so far. After about three weeks we reached about 440 USD coming from 25 donators. One very generous donation of 100 USD came from Zeke Baker, a single dad of three kids. I wanted to highlight that donation, because he told me that he can’t afford an M10 […]

HTC One M10 Fundraising

Another year has passed since the last flagship with the M9 and the next flagship is already around the corner. ViperOneM9 was a really a success. If you check xda, we are the most popular M9 Rom…with a massive gap to the *yawn* second most popular one. Thanks to your donations last year for the […]

Stable Android M Rom released for the HTC One M9 – ViperOneM8 5.0.0 will follow next

ViperOneM9 4.1.0 Stable (3rd Jan) Additions & Updates Re-based on 3.35.401.12 Added Sprint support Added Verizon support Partially merged with Android 6.0.1(HTC A9) Improved rom install and boot times by almost 2x Huge boost to performance, all lags fixed! Fixed data getting moved to “0” folder on internal SD Header tweaks are back with it’s full […]