Attention to Marshmallow Venom Users – Playstore Lockscreen Update can softbrick your phone.

EDIT: Seems HTC pulled the update


The latest lockscreen update on the playstore causes a softbrick when installed on a venom rom running marshmallow.
This will happen if you have the sync toggles enabled, for whatever reason after the update the system claims that the READ_SYNC_SETTINGS permission for SystemUI is missing and causes the force close.

So before updating, remove the sync toggles before and don’t add them back.
If you alread updated and are locked out of your phone you can run following command in adb shell – Do that while booted into the OS!

If reflashing the fullrom does not work

adb shell settings put system tweaks_hquicksettings Tweaks

…now when you resetup your toggles, don’t add the sync toggles back!

Or flash the appropiate zip for your device:

If filename contains the compatible version. If your rom version is not available, write me a pm on xda


Or another way would be to go to twrp->advanced->file manager

navigate to /data/app/ and delete the folder do the same in /data/data
boot up, then go back to recovery and flash the fullrom on top.


If you are on the M9 or HTC 10…it is recommended to just update to the nougat version.


  • officerbill

    Wish i’d seen this would have saved an install if a 2 month old backup.

  • Ang_m8

    I got locked out this morning. All i get is what looks like some home screen image (blue with yellow flash or architectual image) that flashes intermitently. Phone does not respond.
    What i tried:
    1.reboot – fail
    2. flash fix file – fail
    3. flash ota update from your downloads – fail
    4. flash full zip – fail on reboot.
    same symptoms.
    What i can not figure out:
    1. how to manually change the setting for sync. – would appreciate help.