April fools, status on HTC Ocean Fund

Amazing how gullible some people are 😛 – No I won’t leave…yet. My time will come, but not this year 😀 Thanks for all the kind words anyway though, lol.

The HTC Ocean Fund is live for nearly 72 hours now and we got already about 750USD, thanks to all that donated so far. Also an extra big thanks to two very very generous donations. One device is already paid for sure (-:

  • Steve Johnson

    does any support come with a donation? would like some help on a couple of questions

  • Jon Paul Duncan

    Thanks for all of the amazing support over the past many years. I first started with ViperXl on HTC One X/L and haven’t turned back since (except for brief stint with LG g3 over the m8, but can you blame me? Lol).