M10 Fundraising – Thank you, 440 USD reached so far

We would like to thank you for all the donations so far. After about three weeks we reached about 440 USD coming from 25 donators.

One very generous donation of 100 USD came from Zeke Baker, a single dad of three kids. I wanted to highlight that donation, because he told me that he can’t afford an M10 himself, but donated 100USD because he appreciates our work a lot. Really a great thank you from the whole Venom Team.



The leaks of the M10 look very promising, capacitive buttons 4tw! 😀 – I hope so mucht that HTC does not mess up again..and I have a good feeling that they won’t!

We really can’t wait for the release of the M10 to put ViperOne on it.


Original M10 Fundraising Post

  • Darkpath

    Let’s just hope that the 10 gets as much attentiona s the 7&8 have gotten from everyone. I love basil3 old themes, and would love seeing that continue. But love beyoreds krome them, (based off of basil3.) I almost feel like development in all directions is coming to aan end because of the 9. I hope all developers, themers, firmware support from sneaky, and all tweaks carry on and get better with the next. I would like to contribute in something, especially theme. But I’ve not been successful in trying. Keep it up guys. I may be a kiss ass, this may sound stupid, and sorry for such, but Jan, you aren’t a normal guy, you’re a hero to some, even if it’s just a rom. Lots of people look up to all of the team. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have the knowledge I do. And it’s you guys that inspired me to take interest in all the things involved with Android. Thanks. Maybe I can pay you guys back somehow. The knowledge that is given from others is priceless. I hope the rest of the users feel the same. By the way, is Justin coming by? You said you’d get me a hug from him if he did. 🙂

    • thanks for the compliments (-: – We definitely will try to keep on the development how it was on the m10, before I took my timeout. Think the m10 will be my last device I will develop on…so let’s do some last masterpiece on my last device.

  • Hrishikesh Kalgaonkar

    Guys I don’t have a PayPal account , any other way to do it? I have always used your ROM. …and still using it on my M7. I want to give ₹5000. Please guide me how to reach you.Thanks.

    • no sry…only way would be via bank transfer. create a ticket, then I could give you my bank account data.

      • Hrishikesh Kalgaonkar

        Oh , it looks easy. Will pay by card. Give me 24 hrs. Cheers.

  • Tore schjølberg

    Sendt 10$ would have sent more but need to buy the M10 for me to 🙂

    Best room ever.

    Been using it since my oneX.

    Love it..

  • Hrishikesh Kalgaonkar

    $75 sent. Received your e-mail also.
    Posting here just to encourage others.
    And again thank you team-venom for your efforts. Will send some more when I get mine in India. Till then best luck with modding. Bye.

    • venomroms

      much appreciated, thanks so much (-: