Stable Android M Rom released for the HTC One M9 – ViperOneM8 5.0.0 will follow next

ViperOneM9 4.1.0 Stable (3rd Jan)

Additions & Updates

  • Re-based on 3.35.401.12
  • Added Sprint support
  • Added Verizon support
  • Partially merged with Android 6.0.1(HTC A9)
  • Improved rom install and boot times by almost 2x
  • Huge boost to performance, all lags fixed!
  • Fixed data getting moved to “0” folder on internal SD
  • Header tweaks are back with it’s full force!
  • Added light/dark tint color
  • Added tint override theme option
  • Refactored Colors and Buttons Tab
  • Refactored Brightness slider again. Now adaptive brightness can be adjusted on autobrightness (properly)
  • Latest Sense Home from Playstore added
  • Added longpress statusbar to toggle autobrightness if statusbar brightness slider is activated. on automatic it will adjust the adaptive brightness
  • Added Toast notification to longpress statusbar for statusbar brightness slider to show the toggled state

Fixes & Cleanups

  • Fixed Google Partner FC and QTI Teether FC issue.
  • Fixed broken animations that caused massive lags on different UI elements
  • Fixed APM reboot to recovery and OTA installation showing scary “Factory reset” dialog
  • Fixed doublepress back
  • Fixed doublepress recent
  • Fixed statusbar theming
  • Fixed longpress and shortpress remapping of settings button
  • Fixed custom clock and calendar shortcut on header
  • Fixed brightness slider
  • Fixed mixed up sync/sync all icons
  • Fixed screen timeout heqs fcing
  • Fixed systemui fc on boot when extended navbar enabled
  • Fixed statusbar notification count icon fc
  • Fixed hiding persistent notifications
  • Hiding usb works now. You can change the usb setting in Settings->More->Mobile Network sharing if you hide it
  • Fixed home button misalignment
  • Fixed hiding battery not working
  • Fixed 4th button custom color
  • Fixed HEQS Spacing, now 9 items fit completely on small, 8 on mid and 7 on large icon site
  • Fixed quite hours
  • Fixed carrier default color applying not without reboot
  • Fixed analog clock overlapping carrier label
  • Fixed statusbar icon not showing
  • Fixed header background color
  • Fixed header clock default color (affected analog clock)
  • Fixed changing lockscreen shortcuts not asking for statusbar reboot
  • Hide statusbar clock doesn’t need statusbar reboot anymore
  • Fixed some broken custom motion launch actions
  • Fixed APM icon alignments
  • Fixed Full Reboot in VenomTweaks not working
  • Hide volume icons works now
  • javierortiz2

    Yeeeahh, im waiting so happy. Your roms make the diference, pleased of read that.

  • Ericko

    Yesss, M8 will folloow! Team Venom is the best! Thank you!

  • Arunkumar

    Hi, happy to hear that. What about HTC one m7? is there any further update?

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    Plz support M8 Sprint 🙁

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    Waiting for M8 release

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    cant wait to have a try for the M8. Waiting for your good news, budy

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    not forget the boot sound