Harman Kardon

Stagefright and the HK/BS Switcher

Most people may not wish to know too much about their devices. I can understand that. I want my car to drive me from A to B without me constantly fixing it. As such, it is rather likely that many of you would not suspect the Harman-Kardon / BoomSound Switcher to be affected by the “Stagefright […]


HTCOneM9 OTA for EMEA feat. Stagefright

Although this is old news for Team Venom’s users, I still thought I could drop a quick hint here about the rolling stock HTCOneM9 OTA featuring Android 5.1 – software version 2.10.401.1. According to HTC_DACH’s Twitter and related tweets (@wheelergd), the entire EMEA region is receiving the HTCOneM9 OTA with Android 5.1 from today on. This is particularly […]