ROM vs. Firmware

So, i created this beautiful guide with so much information. And so many links. And all i get are confused looks the day after. Like when Pope Urban VIII heard from Galileo, that earth revolved around the sun. Erm… What? It gets better. Did you not know Earth was a disk and carried by turtles (Sir […]


[HTCOneM8] ViperOneM8_3.0.0 Requirements

First things first: the new 3.0 ROM will NOT boot in combination 2.xx Firmware. You will need 3.xx firmware. This means, no carrier or model will be able to run ViperOneM8_3.0.0 until they have received their 4.4.4 official HTC OTA.  The ROM is not available yet – this post is preparing the upcoming release! So, let’s get to it. Like […]


Tell us something about you!

With our new venomroms website we tried and still trying to tell you more about us. We setup all devs, themers and other important people with little profiles here: Developers Themers Admins Newswriters Have a general section describing the Team and its philosophy and told you something about the history of Team Venom, how all started and what people […]