[Update] Venom Hub currently down

So we found the issue, why you can’t login into the VenomHUB: The users mysql table is empty 😀 – No idea how, luckily we got a backup from friday, that we just restored, means newly registered people need to reregister. m0narx currently migrates the data to the new backend, exiting stuff for you coming! […]

Venom Hub Currently Down

Due to technical difficulties, the Venom Hub is currently down.  Our team of highly-paid and highly-skilled engineers are currently on the case, and will have it fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

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When a developer is not coding…

    ..he ends up in the hospital! ME at least 😀   I cut my right thumb and sliced up an artery. Pregnant wife that will give birth in about one week, drove me to the hospital (how ironical:D)..and three stitches later I was good again. Timing couldn’t be worse, since there is still lots […]