Firmware and the new Android 4.4.3

This is about the firmware problem with the 4.4.3 Base change. We have seen a fair few confused requests, reports, tickets and a public response is needed, although Team Venom does not usually deal with firmware issues. To update your firmware, basically, you do have two basic strategies available: #1 Go back to complete stock, grab HTC’s OTA, come […]

Microsoft takes on Samsung – Troll Toll

Microsoft’s Samsung action For several years now, Microsoft has been quietly increasing the cost of your Android phone thanks to patented technologies that make our phones not suck. These are uber patents that handle basic but ultra critical things such network data and media streaming, compression standards and God knows what else when you factor […]

An Embarrassing Moment to Share

So I was at work and deep in my “coding mode” when suddenly my phone began to ring. It was my wife. I looked at the clock…”SHIT!!” I immediately shut down my PC by long-pressing the power button, there wasn’t time to shut it down the clean way. I ran out of the my office, said quickly “Goodbye” […]