Team Venom needs your support

Team Venom is searching searching dedicated people to join the the “Venom Support” Team. Your major task will me to reply questions in our ticketsystem: But also assisting us as official team member in the xda threads. Your commitment will help us developers to be able to concentrate more in developing, means fixing bugs and […]

Android Audio - Team Venom

Android Audio – Fundamentals and Beyond

My hope is that with this brief primer, you will gain some valuable experience points towards leveling your Android nerd powers . All joking aside, some basic knowledge coupled with an existing love for music (who doesn’t?) may likely start you on a path to genuinely experiencing and enjoying music in a way you never thought […]

Recovering Data After A “Wipe” …

…is more than just a myth. But read:   I am sure you have had your fair share of yesterdays news about that certain company (Avast) pulling off some advertising stunt describing how it recovered tons of data from auctioned phones which had been factory reset (had a “wipe”)  before. Read about it here: Avast’s stunt on […]